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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration V3.5.0.0 August 2022 Release

    Ana Bahr

    What?s New

    TIBCO Cloud? Integration

    Added two new API methods used to build a TIBCO Flogo® app executable from an application JSON file and then download that executable based on a build ID. The methods are as follows:  (IPAS-20260)

    • POST /v1?/subscriptions?/{subscriptionLocator}?/app?/build?/flogo
    • GET  /v1?/subscriptions?/{subscriptionLocator}?/app?/build?/flogo?/{buildId}

    Added two new command options to the Hybrid Agent start command in the Command Line Interface: (IPAS-20193)

    • data-chunk-size - Sets the maximum size of data for a single read-write operation. Default is 32KB
    • data-ack-mode - Specifies the data ack mode. Defaults to true if not specified.
    Added support for registering the Hybrid Agent as a Windows Service, which improves reliability.  If the Windows server hosting the Hybrid Agent is shut down, the Hybrid Agent service is restarted when the server is restarted. (IPAS-17712)


    Develop / TIBCO Flogo®

    • Support for AWS AppConfig  - You can now use AWS AppConfig along with a Flogo app. You can use AWS AppConfig to configure, manage, and quickly deploy Flogo app configurations.
    • Support for object type as a query parameter - The InvokeRESTService activity now supports the object type as a dynamic query parameter. Only a simple JSON object type is supported.
    • UI revamp of app properties - The revamped app properties User Interface provides an improved user experience while working with app properties.
    • HTTP Client Authorization Connection - If you select OAuth2 as the authorization type, you can now specify a unique identifier of the audience for an issued token. The audience value is an app client ID for an ID token or the API that is being called for an access token.
    • Integration with TIBCO Cloud? API Modeler - Flogo can now be used with TIBCO Cloud? API Modeler, a new version of the API Modeler. This version is an easy and powerful web-based tool that allows you to create and model APIs graphically.
    • Execution History for Flogo Apps - You can now use the TIBCO Cloud? Integration Execution History service to publish, store, and retrieve execution statistics generated by Flogo apps. The execution history data is stored in an on-premises database or a database hosted on the cloud. The execution history data is displayed on the Execution History tab of the App Details page for a specific app.

    Develop/TIBCO Flogo® Connectors

    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Amazon S3

    New activity added to support Amazon S3 select. The Amazon S3 Select Object Content activity scans the Amazon S3 objects and filters the data in the buckets. (FGAZS3-120)


    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for TIBCO Cloud? Messaging

    TIBCO Cloud Messaging (eFTL) connector now supports tracing applications using the OpenTelemetry collector. For more details see, 'Tracing Apps by Using OpenTelemetry Collector' in the user guide. https://integration.cloud.tibco.com/docs/index.html#Subsystems/flogo/flogo-all/telemetry.html (FGTCM-192)


    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for TIBCO® Data Virtualization - New!

    Added a new connector that supports query to TIBCO® Data Virtualization. (FGTDV-19)


    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Microsoft SQL Server

    Added support for Azure SQL Server. (WIMSSS-449)


    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Salesforce

    Supports regenerate JSON Web Token when using OAuth 2.0 JWT Bearer Flow authorization type. (FGASFC-359)


    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Stripe

    There are no new features in this release.


    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plugins

    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Apache Cassandra

    Added support for DataStax Enterprise 6.8. (BWAC-422)


    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Added support for using DynamicFetchXML in Query REST Entities. (DCRM-1945)


    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for OSISoft Pi

    There are no new features in this release.


    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Snowflake

    The following features have been added in this release of the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Snowflake. For more information on these features, see TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Snowflake User's Guide. https://au.integration.cloud.tibco.com/docs/index.html#Subsystems/bwpluginsnowflake/users-guide/plugin-overview.html
    • Snowflake Bulk Load Activity (BWFL-342) - Snowflake Bulk Load is a new activity that enables the loading of mass data into Snowflake using the JDBC copy command via stage or Amazon S3.  For more information, see Snowflake Bulk Load Activity in the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Snowflake User's Guide. The Snowflake Bulk Load Activity provides support for data compression by default. https://au.integration.cloud.tibco.com/docs/index.html#Subsystems/bwpluginsnowflake/users-guide/the-snowflakebulkload-activity.html
    • Support for New Authentication Types (BWFL-350, BWFL-354) - The Snowflake JDBC Connection shared resource now supports the following authentication types.
      • Federated authentication and SSO with Okta
      • External OAuth with Okta
      • Snowflake OAuth
    • Support for Merge Operation (BWFL-464) - The Merge operation is now supported for Snowflake Insert, Snowflake Update, and Snowflake Delete activities.
    • Support for Automatic Table and Column Creation for Snowflake Bulk Load and Snowflake Insert activities (BWFL-502) - The plug-in runtime now supports automatic creation of the Snowflake table if it does not exist and automatic creation of columns if it does not exist in the Snowflake table.
    • Support for Table Name Module Property when using External Schema (BWFL-513) - The plug-in runtime now supports the module property for table name when an external schema is used.

    Changes in Functionality

    Develop / TIBCO Flogo®

    • If you are entitled to TIBCO Flogo Enterprise and you would like to get access to TIBCO Cloud Integration to design your TIBCO Flogo apps, you can send a Support Request here by using a template to provide the required Cloud contact details for us to provision Cloud access. See the template here: https://community.tibco.com/s/article/Request-access-to-TIBCO-Flogo-Enterprise-on-TIBCO-Cloud-Integration
    • In support of moving TIBCO Flogo Enterprise to a cloud-first design experience, entitled customers shall have access to the latest versions of TIBCO Flogo Connectors with TIBCO Cloud Integration - Develop (Flogo). No new releases will be provided on edelivery.tibco.com for the TIBCO Flogo Connectors compatible with TIBCO Flogo Enterprise Web UI. For more information, see the TIBCO Flogo Connectors and deprecation of TIBCO Flogo Enterprise Web UI article in the Support Community.  https://support.tibco.com/s/article/TIBCO-Flogo-Connectors-and-deprecation-of-TIBCO-Flogo-Enterprise-Web-UI
    • SSL certificates generated using Subject Alternative Names (SAN) (FLOGO-9210) - If a client app fails due to a missing SAN field in the certificate, you must configure the certificate with a valid SAN and repush the app.
    • Validation rules at design time (FLOGO-9436) - Validation rules for a string type and primitive expression at design time have changed. The validation of an expression that expects a string now allows you to return a primitive data type such as boolean and number. For example, if the following expression is used in an activity that expects a string message, an error message is not displayed for the returning number types:
    $flow.body.Customer[1 + 1].ID == 1 ? $flow.body.Customer[1 + 1].ID * 2 : $flow.body.Customer[1 + 1].ID + 10

    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Stripe

    We have updated the Connector for Stripe to support the latest version of the Stripe API (2022-08-01). This change includes any breaking changes referenced in the Stripe API documentation after the 2019-12-03 version. Update any applications using the Stripe connector to address these breaking changes.  See the API Versions section of the Stripe API Upgrades page for a list of breaking changes. https://stripe.com/docs/upgrades#api-versions  (WISTRP-324)


    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plugins

    When a new version of a TIBCO BusinessWorks Plug-in is released and that plug-in supports Supplements, you must upload the Supplements for the plug-in again in TIBCO Cloud Integration.  If you deploy a new app or redeploy an existing app and the associated Supplements have not been reuploaded, the app deploy fails.  For this release the updated plug-ins that require you to reupload supplements include:
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for OSISoft Pi

    Closed Issues

    TIBCO Cloud? Integration


    TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect App Status counts are not included in the total App Status Filter counts in the left pane of the TIBCO Cloud Integration Apps page.



    Apps created by using the TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect POST /v1/orgs/{orgId}/solutions/{solutionId}/cloneAsync API method with the byReference parameter enabled (true) share resources with the source App. Source Apps and target Apps that share resources cannot be edited. In the TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect User Interface, you can open those Apps and the Flows they contain, but attempting to edit them generates an error and the changes cannot be saved. The User Interface currently does not block access.



    The name of the TIBCO Cloud Mesh service is not getting updated in the Service registry when the app is pushed from the TIBCO Command Line Interface with a modified name.



    When scheduling a TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect app, on the User Interface the time zone defaults to the International date line west (UTC-12:00). Internally the time zone defaults to UTC, causing the app to run at the wrong time.



    The Hybrid Agent system requirements documentation does not include Minimum CPU and Memory requirements. The minimum CPU is 1. The minimum Memory is 512 MB RAM. Note that CPU and RAM usage increases as the workload on the agent increases.



    Occasionally, HTTP Status 504 Gateway timeout errors are generated when attempting to upload a supplement for TIBCO BusinessWorks plug-ins.



    When switching between the Apps List and the App Details for an app, the app instance number displayed sometimes does not match.


    Develop/TIBCO Flogo


    The Flogo app that is deployed using TIBCO Cloud Integration API does not display on the User Interface because the FLOGO extension is not uploaded.



    When a Flogo app is deleted using the Delete app API, the Connection usage count is not updated.


    Develop / TIBCO Flogo Connectors


    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Microsoft SQL Server


    Added retry logic in case of Broken-pipe error.


    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for TIBCO Cloud? Messaging


    The TIBCO Cloud Messaging publisher fails to publish a message if InvokeRest activity output having an array is mapped in the message field.


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