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  • TIBCO Cloud ? Integration Known Issues

    Ana Bahr

    To access release notes see: TIBCO Cloud? Integration Release Notes at https://community.tibco.com/s/article/TIBCO-Cloud-Integration-Release-Notes.

    To access Known Issues for other TIBCO Cloud ? Integration capabilities see TIBCO Cloud ? Integration Current Known Issues at https://community.tibco.com/s/article/tibco-cloud-tm-integration-current-known-issues.

    *IPAS-530 / IPAS-9437  

    Summary: TIBCO® Cloud Integration does not support user-defined SSL parameters for their apps. While TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition does not stop you from creating an SSL Server Configuration Shared Resource, this resource, if created, will be ignored during the application deployment. (Case # 01236070, 01236703, 01685369)

    Workaround: Instead of user-defined SSL parameters, use Mashery endpoint configuration. Mashery can host SSL certificates and ensure SSL/TLS connection encryption on your chosen domain or host. 


    Summary: If the imported API specification contains a content type other than application/json or application/xml, the content type does not display.

    Workaround: None


    Summary: The required check-box is not added for the body parameter, therefore, you cannot use it to specify whether the body parameter is required as other parameters.

    Workaround: None


    Summary: After implementing a Swagger specification that has a ?basePath? element in the specification the API tester functionality does not work correctly.

    Workaround: Manually remove the ?basePath? element prior to implementing it in TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition. This does not affect the API specifications created in the API Modeler in TIBCO Cloud Integration.


    Summary: The JavaScript code to implement advanced mock responses is not automatically saved.

    Workaround: To ensure the code is not lost, save the JavaScript code prior to changing methods.


    Summary: The API documentation generated from TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition which is used to display the endpoints in the API tester will contain all endpoints that are present in the API specification used when implementing the project. The original API specification is passed along to the runtime and does not take into account any non-implemented operations.

    Workaround: None


    Summary: Two-way SSL Authentication is not supported when using the Salesforce Outbound Listener and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Entity Event Source Activity. This is because you cannot add your own authentication resources (see IPAS-530).

    Workaround: None


    Summary: Using XML reserved characters in application properties will result in those overridden values being ignored.

    Workaround: None


    Summary: On Macintosh systems only: Launching TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition by double-clicking TIBCOBusinessStudio.app intermittently fails if Java 6 is not installed on your system.


    1. Right-click TIBCOBusinessStudio.app and select 'Show Package Contents'

    2. Run TIBCOBusinessStudio executable under Contents-> MaCOS folder


    Summary: When editing a Microflow App, if you do not push the edited application, you will still be able to scale up the application, which will fail, since the updates are not pushed to the runtime yet.

    Workaround: Always push any changes on a MicroFlow App before scaling


    Summary: Amazon S3 plug-in does not support relative paths. Hence file type is not supported in the Put and GetObject activities.

    Workaround: None


    Summary: The resource name of an API spec is used as the basepath in the URL for REST endpoints that are generated by TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition. This causes inconsistency between the Mock endpoint URL and TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition URL when a Mock application is replaced with an integration application. This will also have an impact on a Microflow application created based on the Mock application that has been replaced. The Microflow application will need to be re-created based on the new integration application.

    Workaround: None


    Summary: Installation fails with an Ant task error when TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition is installed on top of an existing installation with the same version.

    Workaround: Uninstall the old TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition before installing the new TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition or install the new TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition in a new TIBCO_HOME.


    Summary: The following activities in the TIBCO MDM projects are not supported for TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition as the relative path does not work:

    • File type attributes
    • Upload Datasource activity
    • Text search activity
    • Upload and Import activity

    Workaround: The recommended approach to build TIBCO MDM projects and work with these specific activities is to use TIBCO® MDM Studio.


    Summary: In the TIBCO Business Studio? design time, the Test Connection feature for Email Palette shows success even though you have selected a plain port with TLS enabled and TLS Port without TLS enabled combination.

    Workaround: None. Even though the design time does not throw any error, you will get a failure during runtime.


    Summary: Process Implementation/Process Diagram is not visible in the TIBCO Cloud? Integration user interface, if the Integration (BusinessWorks) application process package name contains dot(.) or hyphen(-) in its name.

    Workaround: Remove the dot(.) or hyphen(-) from the process package name and regenerate the ear and re-push the application.


    Summary: When mutual authentication is enabled, SSL test connection fails in TIBCO Business Studio? - Cloud Edition.

    Workaround: None


    Summary: When an app with VPN connection is promoted to an operational sandbox , a new promoted app is created with 0 state. The VPN connection status for this promoted app is - "/0 instances connected" which is incorrect.

    Workaround: Scaling up the promoted app will bring up the VPN status to normal.


    Summary: Currently, the Salesforce Wave Analytics connector does not support mm/dd/yyyy (using a ?/? delimiter) format in the date type.

    Workaround: Use other date formats, such as mm-dd-yyyy (using a dash as the delimiter) instead.


    Summary: If a record does not have any input, the Salesforce Wave Analytics connector throws "interface conversion: interface {} is nil, not map[string]interface {}exception."

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: When a Node.js app is started, the value in the service.json file cannot be retrieved.

    Workaround: Update the parameters in the User Interface and update the app.

    CPIR-80 / IPAS-7405

    Summary: If your BusinessWorks application contains a string of type Password and is more than 63 characters in length, you are unable to successfully deploy the application.

    Workaround: Make sure the password has fewer than 63 characters.


    Summary: When clicking a REST endpoint that invokes a service, If the project for that service contains credential mapping policy, it results in an error.

    Workaround: None


    Summary:If the REST Service is implemented with the HEAD/OPTIONS method, then from the Swagger UI, it is not possible to invoke these operations.

    WorkAround: None


    Summary: Set to Default is not available in the Environment control tab for password type app property.

    Workaround: None

    IPAS 8860

    Summary: The endpoint URL formed in TIBCO Cloud Integration for OData service is incorrect.

    Workaround: Manually edit the endpoint URL for OData in TIBCO Cloud Integration by replacing the special character "%2F" with "/"

    in the URL and appending the application name and the OData resource name to the URL. For example, if the endpoint URL were  https://localdev-integration.cloud.tibcoapps.com:97/plf7pbumdgul74wsuhl3... you must edit it to https://localdev-integration.cloud.tibcoapps.com:97/plf7pbumdgul74wsuhl3...


    Summary: After renaming the app, the new name is not reflected on API Tester.

    Workaround: Repush the app


    Summary: In TIBCO Cloud?  Integration,  if you copy an app, the history for the original app is not carried forward for the new app. 

    Workaround: None.  


    Summary:  In TIBCO Cloud? Integration, REST apps with Response Codes set to True do not display response headers in the User Interface for POST methods. 

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: The gRPC trigger in TIBCO Flogo® apps is not supported on TIBCO Cloud? Integration.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: Pushing a TIBCO BusinessWorks? app and configuring hybrid connectivity from the UI takes a long time. In addition, changing the hybrid connectivity access key for a scaled app fails with an error similar to the following:  

     "[ERROR] the supplied credentials cannot be used to access the specified tunnel endpoint"

    Workaround: Use the TIBCO Cloud? ? Command Line Interface to push the app and change the access key. 


    Summary: CertainTIBCO Business Studio? for BusinessWorks? Apache Kafka plug-in apps that require SSL certificates can fail with an SSLHandshake Error similar to the following: java.security.cert.CertPathValidatorException: Algorithm constraints check failed on keysize limits. RSA 1024 bit key used with certificate

    Workaround: Use public certificates with RSA keysize set to 2048. Use of certificates with RSA key set to 1024 is not a best practice.


    Summary:  If an app detaches from a shared access key, app logs for the remaining apps being streamed using the logstream command lose several seconds of log information.

    Workaround: None.  


    Summary: When using the  logstream command for the TIBCO Cloud Integration -  Command Line Interface  streams app logs via the TIBCO Cloud? - Proxy Agent,  TIBCO ActiveMatrix

    BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Apache Kafka  logs are received intermittently and the set of log files is incomplete. 

    Workaround: None. 


    Summary: Pushing a node.js app with a redirect to a  private endpoint causes back-end redirects to be disabled. 

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: When a user has the Apps list displayed and an app is deleted using the TIBCO Cloud? ? Command Line Interface or some other method, if that user attempts to delete or make any change to the app using the User Interface, the change is not made and there is no message displayed to indicate that the app has been deleted. 

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: If you copy an app from the App Details page, the User Interface remains on the App Details page and does not go to the Apps list as expected.

    Workaround: Manually navigate to the Apps list to locate the new app. 


    Summary: When generating an ear file and manifest file for deployment, the port value from the module property in the shared module is not included, causing an error when using the manifest file to push the app to the Cloud. 

    Workaround: Manually update the port field in the manifest.json file to port 80.


    Summary: Deployment Stage and Endpoint Visibility status icons do not display in App Details for users with either a Read-Only or User role who are not the owner of the app.

    Workaround: Refer to the History and Endpoints tabs for that information.  


    Summary: When accessing the Apps list, cached app statuses sometimes display briefly before being refreshed. 

    Workaround: The page will refresh after a few seconds. 


    Summary: On the App Details Endpoints tab, if you are in the API tester User Interface the API version and Base URL are not displayed. 

    Workaround: See the Base URL on the Endpoints tab and download the API spec to see the version number. 


    Summary: On the App Details Endpoints tab, the API tester does not open for complex schemas where there are mixed array types in request or response schemas.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: In TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect, the Since Yesterday filter on the App Details Execution History tab requests data for the past 24 hours using the local time setting on your computer instead of UTC time, but Execution History is stored in UTC time. Depending on your local time setting the list of results may exceed the past 24 hours or be less than the past 24 hours.  

    Workaround: Use a different filter and sort by the Start column to see the most recent executions of the selected app. 


    Summary:  Application variables do not retain changed values after an app is re-pushed.

    Workaround: Enter them again each time you push the app. 


    Summary: When downloading either the TIBCO Cloud - Command Line Interface or TIBCO BusinessWorks, the platform is not detected automatically.

    Workaround:  Select the download platform manually from the drop-down.


    Summary: For apps created prior to the May 2020 TIBCO Cloud Integration upgrade, the app instance count on the Apps Dashboard does not match the actual app instance count. 

    Workaround: Re-push the apps. 


    Summary: App Monitoring and App Peek data do not include apps created prior to the May 2020 TIBCO Cloud Integration upgrade until those apps are re-pushed. 

    Workaround: Flogo apps can be re-pushed from the User Interface. BusinessWorks and Node.js need to be re-pushed from the TIBCO CloudTM? Command Line Interface.


    Summary: When API Mock apps are scaled using the TIBCO Cloud? ? Command Line Interface, the number of instances displayed is higher than the number requested during the scaling process. 

    Workaround: None. 


    Summary: When a User changes Connection information, such as credentials used to connect to an external source, these changes will not propagate to existing app instances using that connection. 

    Workaround: Re-push the app instances to pick up new connection modifications.


    Summary: In the App Details for a TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect On event app, there is a delay in displaying a value in the Messages column.

    Workaround: None. The column is updated after several seconds. 


    Summary: Changes to the entities selected in the Select Entities dialog in a Data replication app are retained whether you use the Cancel or Save button at the bottom of the dialog, but are lost if you do not click Save in the Entities section of the Data replication app. 

    Workaround: Be sure to click Save in the Entities section of the Data replication app. 


    Summary: When you delete an app, go to another page and come back to the app list page, the deleted app is shown on the app list page with a ?Failure? status. 

    Workaround: Wait for some time and then refresh the page. The deleted app is removed.


    Summary: The Last Started column on the Apps List does not automatically refresh if the app was re-pushed from the TIBCO Cloud?? Command Line Interface.

    Workaround: Refresh the Apps List page.


    Summary: The stop timeout for BusinessWorks apps has been increased to 60 seconds. Existing or older apps that have already been pushed, take the full 60 second stopTimeout when stopped. 

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: In TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect, the Today filter on the App Details Execution History tab requests data for the past 1 hour using the local time setting on your computer instead of UTC time, but Execution History is stored in UTC time. Depending on your local time setting the list of results may exceed the past 1 hour or be less than the past 1 hour.  

    Workaround: Use a different filter and sort by the Start column to see the most recent executions of the selected app. 


    Summary: Context-sensitive help is currently not available for Activity on the BusinessWorks palette.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: When a remote app is started and registered to the hybrid agent while connectivity to TIBCO Cloud Integration is lost, any app executions that occur before connectivity is restored are not recorded in the App peek view.

    Workaround: None. Execution count is only stored for 24 hours. This issue will resolve itself after 24 hours have passed. 


    Summary: App lists and app details generated using the TIBCO Cloud Integration - Command Line Interface display app endpoints as private even if they have been changed to TIBCO Cloud Mesh.

    Workaround: Verify the endpoint information using the User Interface, which displays this information correctly. 


    Summary: If a Hybrid Agent was installed and configured prior to the November 2020 release of TIBCO Cloud, but the Agent was never started, the Agent cannot be started after the upgrade.

    Workaround: Configure and start a new Hybrid Agent.


    Summary: The target connection selected in a TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect Data replication app is not saved if the metadata for that connection has not fully loaded. If there is a problem loading metadata, no error is displayed.  

    Workaround: None


    Summary: In TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect if you have a large number of pages of failed records in Execution History, you may not be able to navigate past page 99 using the paging controls and there is no option to select or unselect all failed records.

    Workaround: None 


    Summary: Connecting to on-premise databases after a TIBCO Cloud Integration Upgrade may generate errors with error code 400.

    Workaround: Disable and Enable DB Services from the Environment & Tools->Hybrid Database page.


    Summary: When the Subscription for an Organization expires and a user attempts to create a new app, the user interface displays a spinning timer icon but does not open the app page.

    Workaround: Contact Sales for an update to your subscription.


    Summary: Accessing the TIBCO Cloud Integration online documentation using a URL without a final backslash displays a broken page. For example,  https://integration.cloud.tibco.com/docs fails, but https://integration.cloud.tibco.com/docs/ succeeds.

    Workaround: If you have referenced or bookmarked the documentation URL, update those links with the additional backslash if they do not already have it. 


    Summary: Context-sensitive help for TIBCO Business Studio? for BusinessWorks? is not currently available in TIBCO Cloud? Integration.

    Workaround: Use the enhanced search functionality in TIBCO Cloud? Integration online help to find necessary information.


    Summary: The API does not provide any validation when a user enters the correct supplement type and selects a file of another type or an invalid file.

    Workaround: Use the correct supplement file name when uploading the supplement using the API.


    Summary: In some cases, if a TIBCO Flogo, TIBCO BusinessWorks, or Node.js app fails before the timeout time, the system restarts the app and displays a Scaling status even though the app should stop and display a Failure status.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: In some cases, pushing a Node.js app fails without displaying an error and the push app dialog closes.

    Workaround: None. 


    Summary: When a running app is deleted, the change in the instance count is not reflected on the dashboard.

    Workaround: Stop the app and delete it.


    Summary: When an app is stopped manually, sometimes the log file does not record the stop process.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: For subscriptions purchased after January  2022, a TIBCO Cloud? Mesh client TIBCO Cloud BusinessWorks app running in a child organization that consumes a parent organization TIBCO Cloud Mesh service fails with an HTTP Status Code 403 error: Intercom access is forbidden.

    Workaround: None. 


    Summary: Pushing a large TIBCO BusinessWorks app sometimes generates an import error. In reality, the app is pushed successfully, but due to its size it requires additional time to display in the User Interface.

    Workaround: Refresh the User Interface to display the app. Note that the Delete button may take some additional time to display. You can also use the TIBCO Cloud - Command Line Interface to push your app.


    Summary: When pushing a Node.js app that exceeds the maximum app size, there may be a long delay before an error message is displayed.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: Pushing a large Node.js app sometimes generates an error similar to the following:

    Node App import error: Unexpected error.

    In reality, the app is pushed successfully, but due to its size it requires additional time to display in the User Interface.

    Workaround: Refresh the User Interface to display the app. Note that the Delete button may take some additional time to display. You can also use the TIBCO Cloud - Command Line Interface to push your app. 


    Summary: Occasionally, after replacing a TIBCO Cloud Integration - API Mock app, the app continues scaling on the User Interface. 

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: In some cases, log files for TIBCO Cloud Integration - API Mock apps do not display on the Logs tab of the App Details page.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: In some cases, if you re-push an on-premises app and the Hybrid Agent used to monitor that app is not running, the app displays in the user interface with a status of Scaling instead of Failure.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: Warning logs related to the Flow Tester and Execution History service container are observed in Hybrid Agent logs.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: In some cases, when filtering a log file using a custom time range, the log level filter has no effect.

    Workaround: Use one of the preset time ranges instead.


    Summary: The TIBCO Cloud - Command Line Interface (CLI) does not support the monitor applog command for Subscriptions purchased after January 2022  using CLI version 2.12.0 or higher. 

    Workaround: View app logs from the TIBCO Cloud Integration user interface on the Logs tab of the App Details page for a selected app.


    Summary: Sometimes, apps in which updates fail display a status of Running instead of Failure on the user interface.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: The order of app logs displayed at the beginning of the BusinessWorks app is incorrect.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: In some cases, replacing an app that had no password properties with an app that contains a password property causes that app to take more time to scale and renders the app endpoint inaccessible.

    Workaround: Update the property on the new app to make the endpoint accessible.


    Summary: When a Hybrid Agent is deleted from the user interface, do not restart the agent using a backup of the configuration files. 

    Workaround: Install a new Hybrid Agent. 


    Summary: After the January 2022 upgrade, configured Hybrid Agents fail to start for organizations where Hybrid Proxy was not running before the upgrade. 

    Workaround: Wait for a few minutes and try configuring the Hybrid Agent again.


    Summary: In some cases, downloading logs is limited to a maximum of 10,000 log lines.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: When the execution history service is not enabled for a TIBCO BusinessWorks on-premises app, the Execution History tab on the App Details page does not provide a message indicating that the service is not enabled. 

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: When an app is pushed using the TIBCO Cloud - Command Line Interface, the app status is incorrect in the web user interface. TIBCO Flogo and Node.js apps status display Running with 0 instances instead of Scaling. TIBCO BusinessWorks apps status display Stopping instead of Scaling.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: In some cases, using the GET/v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionLocator}/apps/{appId}/history API method to retrieve the history for an app returns one less record than is requested based on the Limit Count parameter. For example, if you enter a limit of four records only three are returned.

    Workaround: Enter the maximum limit count of 200 to return as many records as possible.


    Summary: Deleting an app with password properties via the TIBCO Cloud - Command Line Interface generates an error similar to the following:

    "Error: Error while deleting the application encrypted properties from privacy service: Error while destroying Privacy service resources associated with encrypted property values during delete for app Id '4rroairqjazsskkzxhyiifhjt5rbdpzh' : see logs"

    Workaround: The app is successfully deleted even though an error is generated.


    Summary: When you update the password properties of a TIBCO BusinessWorks replaced app, password properties are not decrypted in the response.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: Users with subscriptions enabled before the January 2022 release are unable to see the Plugin name and version in the application's runtime logs.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: In some cases, when you start an app and immediately click the Stop button to stop an app, the app displays an Error status. The app then begins scaling again and finally starts displaying a Running status. 

    Workaround: Click the Stop button again. Note that the stop request goes into a queue of requests for the app, which may cause a short delay before the app is stopped.


    Summary: In most cases, an app with an error or failure does not continuously attempt to scale. It is stopped automatically and the Stop button is not enabled.  However, in some cases there are scenarios in which you may need to force an app to stop using the Stop button. 

    An app that is stopped automatically, attempts unsuccessfully to scale to recover and scales continuously. The Stop button is enabled for a short period of time, allowing you to manually stop the app.  

    An app continuously attempts to scale, but is unsuccessful. After a short delay, the Stop button is enabled for these apps and you can manually stop the app. 

    Workaround: Use the Stop button on the Apps list to manually stop the App.  When you click the Stop button, the stop request goes into a queue of requests for the app, which may cause a short delay before the app is stopped.


    Summary: While scaling up a copied app, an error "MinimumReplicasUnavailable" is generated in the app status, which goes away when the app goes in running state.

    Workaround: The error goes away as soon as the app goes in running state. No user action is required.


    Summary:  In the TIBCO Cloud Integration User Interface, the app status for a Remote app is blank if the user deletes the Hybrid Agent managing that app and starts another Hybrid Agent with the same selector in the same namespace.

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: If you scale a TIBCO BusinessWorks app beyond the number of app instances included with your Trial Subscription, no error message is generated and the app is not scaled as expected.  

    Workaround: None.


    Summary: When refreshing module properties for a TIBCO BusinessWorks app using the Refresh App Properties button on the App Details Environment Controls tab, the  message "Successfully updated application properties" is displayed. However, the changes to the app have not been pushed to the cloud. 

    Workaround: Push the updates to the app first, and then verify the changes using the Refresh App Properties button again. 


    Summary: If you have configured alert and notification rules for a TIBCO BusinessWorks app (App1), when you replace that app (App1) with a second app (App2), the rules from the first app (App1) are lost. 

    Workaround: None. 


    Summary: If you have configured alert and notification rules for a TIBCO BusinessWorks app, when you copy that app, the rules are not carried forward to the new copied app. 

    Workaround: None. 

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