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  • TIBCO Cloud? Integration V3.4.1.0 July, 2022 Release

    Ana Bahr

    What?s New

    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plugins

    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for AMQP

    • Added support for OAuth 2.0 authentication mechanism for AzureSB-1-0 broker. (AMQP-744)
    • Added support for prefetch count in AMQPReceiveMessage activity for AzureSB-1-0 broker. (AMQP-777)

    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for

    • A new Salesforce Composite Graph activity has been added to the existing Salesforce Composite Palette. You can add more subrequests in the Salesforce Composite graph activity in a single API call than that of the Composite Dependent activity. (ASFC-2141)

    Changes in Functionality

    TIBCO Cloud Integration

    • App logs are retained for 60 days. App logs older than 60 days are removed and can no longer be displayed. (IPAS-19062)

    Changes in Documentation

    To streamline the TIBCO Cloud Integration documentation, we are merging smaller topics together and removing duplicate information, as follows: (IPAS-19637)  The below-mentioned pages from the help are being removed and/or merged with other pages.   
    • This page has been removed:  
    Configuring Listeners
    • The information has been merged into the respective Plug-in documents: (IPAS-20049)
      • NetSuite Record Listener
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Entity Event Source Activity
    • Workday Notification

    Closed Issues

    TIBCO Cloud? Integration


    Overriding the password app property on a Flogo app fails, if the password is longer than 63 characters.


    Develop/TIBCO Flogo


    If a user with role type User creates an TIBCO Flogo app, on the flow designer the Flow Input & Output tab and mapper input options are grayed out.



    If one of the query or header parameters is defined as repeating and required, the repeating parameter is not always passed to the Flogo flow and the mapped value is returned as null.


    Develop/TIBCO Flogo Connectors

    TIBCO Flogo Connector for Microsoft SQL Server


    Added support for connections using TLS version 1.2.


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