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  • Workshop: Advanced Messaging in TIBCO Scribe

    Sucheta S

    Advanced Messaging in TIBCO Scribe®

    This workshop ran on December 11, 2019. Please see the resources section for a recording of the workshop and links to the tutorial.


    In this workshop we covered advanced messaging in TIBCO Scribe. It builds on the custom messaging connector from Workshop 4 to create a query-based integration that pulls data from an endpoint, then posts it to the custom messaging map using the REST connector.

    See the main workshop page for other sessions.


    1. TCI account with admin access
    2. Postman
    3. Admin access to Windows server, for agent and connector installation


    1. Review of Messaging Architecture
    2. Use Cases
    3. Setup
      • Build Messaging Connector from Workshop 4
      • Get Source and Target Connections
      • Create REST Connection using Swager
      • Create Message Map
      • Create Integration Map
    4. Q&A



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