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  • Workshop - Custom Messaging Connector in TIBCO Scribe®

    Sucheta S

    Custom Messaging Connector in TIBCO Scribe®

    This session ran on Aug 28, 2019. Please see the resources section to view a recording of the workshop and download the materials (slides, sample maps, test data, etc.).


    During this workshop, we'll build a custom messaging connector for TIBCO Scribe. First, we'll review the architecture of Event integrations. Next, we'll walk through the steps to build a messaging connector using the Connector Development Kit. Then we'll review some simple and advanced use cases.


    This fast paced workshop covers a lot of material. We'll make a recording available after it's finished, as well as the slides and the connector source code.


    1. TIBCO Scribe account with admin access
    2. Windows machine with admin access
    3. Visual Studio
    4. Postman
    5. Dropbox account


    1. Overview of Event based integrations in TIBCO Scribe
      • Message Maps vs. Request Reply Maps
      • Asynchronous processing and scaling
      • Metadata discovery
    2. Building a custom Messaging connector
      • Overview of custom connector development
      • Using the Fast Messaging Framework (FMF)
      • Defining the Meta data
      • Deploying to an on premise agent
    3. Examples
      • Simple update using Postman
      • Messaging auto scaling
      • Integrate data across multiple systems using polling and REST


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