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  • Workshop - Query Operations in TIBCO Scribe®

    Vikas Kumar 9

    Query Operations in TIBCO Scribe®

    This session ran on July 31, 2019. Please see the resources section to view a recording of the workshop and download the materials (slides, sample maps, test data, etc.).


    For this workshop, the subject will be Query operations in TIBCO Scribe. We'll review the architecture of read operations, and how the data is passed from the connector to the core integration process. Topics will include: understanding native joins; the differences between Query, Lookup, and Fetch; best practices; performance; and error handling. Additionally, we'll review maps that illustrate some real world examples.


    This fast paced workshop covers a lot of material. We'll make a recording available after it's finished, as well as the resources needed to work through the examples.


    1. Configuring the connections and maps for the workshop
    2. Architecture of read operations in TIBCO Scribe;
      • Outer loops, inner loops, and single record lookups
    3. Native joins (includes)
      • Scope for parent and child relationships
      • Joins vs. read operations
    4. Using the Query, Lookup, and Fetch blocks
      • Best practices
      • Error handling: fatal and record level
    5. Performance


    More Information


    Download attachment from resources


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