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  • Workshop - Troubleshooting in TIBCO Scribe®

    Vikas Kumar 9

    Troubleshooting in TIBCO Scribe®

    This session ran on May 15, 2019. Please see the resources section to view a recording of the workshop and download the materials (slides, sample maps, test data, etc.).


    In this workshop, you'll learn how to troubleshoot in TIBCO Scribe, which is part of TIBCO Cloud® Integration. We'll dig into the mechanics of an integration process, including: block operations, errors, and execution history. You'll get practice using the built in debugger, and learn how to troubleshoot programmatically with the map designer.


    1. Configure the connections and maps
    2. Mechanics of an integration process
      • Block operations, map flow, and error handling
      • Types of errors: fatal vs. record
      • Execution history, error details, export
    3. Practice using the debugger
      • Block inputs and outputs
      • Debugger flow: Breakpoints, Continue, and Next
    4. Programmatic Troubleshooting
      • Using the Query block
      • Writing to a debug file and the logs
      • Custom error handling


    • Workshop recording
    • Download Slides and test data (zip) from resources at bottom of the page

    More Information


    Download attachment from resources


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