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  • Workshop - Variables in TIBCO Scribe®

    Vikas Kumar 9

    Variables in TIBCO Scribe®

    This session ran on June 27, 2019. Please see the resources section to view a recording of the workshop and download the materials (slides, sample maps, test data, etc.).


    In this workshop, you'll discover how to use variables in TCI Scribe. We'll review the underlying architecture of the iPaaS and how a connector can be coded to extend functionality. Topics will include: using entities and operations for storing key / value pairs, understanding variable scope, and tips and tricks. Additionally, you'll have an opportunity to work through some real world examples.




    This is a fast paced workshop covering a lot of ground, so we'll make a recording available after it's finished.


    1. Configuring the connections and maps for the workshop
    2. Review of TIBCO Scribe architecture;
      • Anatomy of an integration map
      • Abstraction between the core and the connector
      • Map, block and record scope
    3. Connector details
      • Background
      • Storing and retrieving values using Upsert and Lookup blocks
      • Available data types
      • Tips and tricks
    4. Real world examples
      • Introductory counting exercise
      • Calculating the most recently modified record
      • Determining best record match
      • Using variables as parameters


    • Workshop recording
    • Download Slides, data file, and maps (zip) from resources at bottom of the page 

    More Information


    Download attachment from resources


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