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  • TIBCO Cloud Live Apps, Refresh 55 (June 2023)

    Chinmay Gadre

    TIBCO Cloud Live Apps, Refresh 55 (June 2023)

    What's New

    Maintaining TCLA app references in TCI flow after app copying
    When you activate a hard copy of an application in a subscription and also copy a Flogo flow that has tasks that reference that Live Apps application, you don't need to specify these references again.
    That is, when you copy a Flogo application into a target subscription and activate a copy of a Live Apps application into the same subscription, Flogo continues to function using the copy of the Live Apps application in the target subscription without modification.

    However, you must not view or validate the Flogo app before publishing the Live Apps apps it references in the target subscription. If you do so, then the references to Live Apps apps that are not yet published in the target subscription will be considered invalid and will be removed. 

    It is no longer possible to activate a shared Live Apps application twice in the same target subscription, even if it was shared multiple times in the source subscription. To copy a Live Apps application into the same subscription again, you must:

    • Create a new copy of the Live Apps application in the source subscription.
    • In the Flogo flow in the source subscription, modify any Flogo application tasks that reference the Live Apps application to use the new copy of the application. Otherwise, on running the Flogo application in the target subscription, these tasks will use the previously copied Live Apps application.
    • Copy the new Live Apps application by using the ?Share Externally? option and activate it in the target subscription, and also copy any new Flogo applications that use it.

    Closed Issues

    Summary: You get an error on performing a bulk purge because the records are not removed and the logs get filled up.

    CBPM-25759, CBPM-20843
    Summary: Case state selection control is incorrectly included on the form for first form task when there are multiple form tasks in the Initial tasks of a case creator or case action.

    Summary: You get an error on double-clicking the share application option.

    Summary: When company data service task output mapping has nested list content, the individual output properties are not aligned correctly on the screen.

    Summary: Company data services that give null elements in lists as output, can cause case creator and action processes to fail.

    Summary: In the data editor, Data field name control loses focus just after clicking on it when properties view is open.

    Summary: UI shows the application status as published even when the application publish has previously failed.

    Summary: While configuring a form in an application, when you select specific fields and want to change their order by using the up and down arrows, the fields do not move.

    Current Known Issues

    No issues have been reported in this release of TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps.

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