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  • TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps, Refresh 56 (July 2023)

    Chinmay Gadre

    TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps, Refresh 56 (July 2023)

    What's New

    App Configuration Data

    We have added a tab called App Configuration Data in the Data editor in Live Apps. These fields are useful when you want data that is shared by all cases of your application, and that can be modified by an administrator after your application is published. For example, there might be some details that may be need to be changed, such as organization's contact details, opening hours, and so on.

    In such a scenario, App Configuration Data is useful. If the application is already published, you don't have to make changes to the application design and publish it again.

    Closed Issues



    Summary: As an application designer, after creating an application with no explicit groups referenced in case action access, you cannot view the cases you created when you go the case manager, but, only an administrator can view them.


    Summary: When you hover over a case data field while selecting the data fields to be displayed on the form, the tooltip is undefined.


    Current Known Issues

    No issues have been reported in this release of TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps.

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