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  • TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 57 (September 2023)

    Chinmay Gadre

    TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 57 (September 2023)

    What's New

    Customization of templates of email tasks in published apps

    Administrators can customize the templates used by email tasks after an application has been published. To allow administrators to customize the content of the template, you must select Yes, allow customization option under the Email tab of an email task in Application Designer. 

    In the Live Apps Administrator, you can see the list of email tasks for which the administrators can customize the templates, when you go to Email > Email tasks

    Also, Email configuration button has been renamed to Email settings.

    Copy creator or action process

    You can now copy a creator process or an action process in an application. Click the vertical ellipsis icon of the case creator or action you want to copy, and select Copy.

    Closed Issues


    Summary: In the calculation expressions such as ?Characters at the end of text?, using numbers with decimal places for parameters gives unexpected results at runtime.

    Current Known Issues

    No issues have been reported in this release of TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps.

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