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  • TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 58 (November 2023)

    Chinmay Gadre

    TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 58 (November 2023)

    What's New

    Automatically use partner TCI service, if available

    We have added the ability to automatically use partner subscription-specific MESH

    services in applications published to partner subscriptions if that service is already

    copied to the partner subscription. 


    For example, if a Flogo application is copied to a partner subscription prior to

    publishing the Live Apps application to the same partner subscription, then this copy of

    the Flogo application will be used on that partner subscription. Otherwise, if there is no

    copy of the Flogo application on the partner subscription, then the original Flogo

    application on the parent subscription is used.


    Also, the copy of the Flogo application can be modified on the partner subscription, but

    not in a way that changes its service interface, that is, the services available and their

    inputs and outputs must be identical to that of the original application.

    Closed Issues


    Summary: The Retry button in the Administrator does not work for a service task.

    Related Case ID: 02205200.


    Summary: The work item notifications card is visible even if you delete it.


    Summary: When you access Live Apps application administration directly from TCI apps list, you get an error when viewing partner subscriptions.

    Current Known Issues

    No issues have been reported in this release of TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps.

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