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  • CIS 7.0.4

    Deepesh Tiwari

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    It is with great pleasure that I announce another 7.0 service pack.  CIS 7.0.4 is now available for download.  This was one of our biggest service packs in the history of the product line.  There are ton of new features, improvements and data source updates.

    We plan to have a webinar on 8/18 at 11 am pacific time to provide an overview of the release.  Please stay tuned for the invite.

    Release Highlights

    • 11 major features 
    • 8 new data sources
    • 4 updated data sources
    • 10+ improvements 
    •  About 300 bug fixes
    • Japanese and Chinese localization for CIS documentation and product UIs

    Major Features

    • Multi-container support for the DDL interface
    • Temporary table support for DDL interface
    • Ability to get explain plan (and runtime execution plan) through JDBC/ODBC interfaces
    • Ability to set timekeeper and regroup reachable nodes for Active Cluster
    • Allow Dataship for prepared statements
    • Push-down of GROUP-BY over UNIONS
    • Better formatting support for published web services for JSON output

    Business Directory Features

    • Flexible display options for Business Directory custom properties
    • Data Preview filtering in Business Directory
    • Rich-text support for custom properties in the Business Directory

    Data Source Updates

    • Introspection of table / column comments for a variety of backend data sources
    • Bulk load support for DB2 LUW DSJ
    • Vertica bulk-load support for INSERT .. SELECT
    • New Data Sources: Netezza 7.2, Apache Drill, Redshift, HBase, OData v4, Cassandra, Couchbase, Sharepoint Excel Services 2010
    • Data Source Updates: MongoDB, Google BigQuery, Google Adwords, Amazon DynamoDB

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