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  • Get Setup & Manage TIBCO® Data Virtualization

    Manoj Chaurasia

    As a system admin for the TIBCO® Data Virtualization system, please refer to this page for the technical whitepaper. 

    Admin Tutorials Series:

    : TIBCO® Data Virtualization Installation

    Tutorial 2: Download the guide (from the Resources below) for setting TIBCO® Data Virtualization server configuration parameters

    Tutorial 3: Set up groups and users, and understand TIBCO® Data Virtualization 


    : Download the guide (from the Resources below) and review for setting event logging targets for TIBCO® Data Virtualization

    : Deployment Manager promoting TIBCO® Data Virtualization projects from Dev to QA to Production

    Tutorial 6: Download the guide (from the Resources below) and review this guide for best practices to optimize TIBCO® Data Virtualization performance

    Tutorial 7: Download the guide (from the Resources below) and review this guide on how to configure load balancers to work with TIBCO® Data Virtualization clusters.

    : TDV system admin can import users and groups from the company's LDAP systems, admin can have full control of Data access via row level (download this file from Resources below) and 

    : TDV system admin has full control of TIBCO® Data Virtualization queries, TIBCO® Data Virtualization manager enables system admin to discover, examine, and cancel resource-intensive TIBCO® Data Virtualization queries if needed. 

    Tutorial 10: Download the guide (from the Resources below)and review the guide for security features designed to work with other SSO. 

    Tutorial 11: Use Jmeter to do load testing for TIBCO® Data Virtualization 


    Tutorial 12: KPI Metric reports (Coming Soon)

    Below you will find some of the TIBCO® Data Virtualization documentation links that we feel would benefit Administrators. 

    Admin Guide

    Cluster Guide

    Security Guide

    Tutorial Guide

    Reference Guide

    Monitor Guide

    User Guide

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