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  • Data Virtualization: Quickstart

    Manoj Chaurasia




    Use Cases & Demos

    Quick Start Guide: 

    Welcome to the Data Virtualization Quick Start Guide. Before you dive in, watch a video for an overview of Data Virtualization use cases and capabilities. Also familiarize yourself with our Getting Started Guide to familiarize yourself with TDV architecture, working with TDV Studio, and some sample content/concepts. 

    1. Install and Configure:

    To launch TDV on AWS: Please review this link.

    To install TDV on Linux: watch this tutorial.

    For Windows and other platforms: see installation guide.

    2. Connect and Transform: 

    Tutorial 1: Connect to relational databases.  

    Tutorial 2: Connect and flatten XML file.  

    Tutorial 3: Create views.  

    Tutorial 4: Layered Development is a best practice that TDV recommends for Data Virtualization projects.

    3. Publish Data and Orangize Data

    Tutorial 1: Publishing and consuming virtual resources. .

    Tutorial 2: Business Directory.  

    4. Additional Resource: 

    Tutorials on youtube and guide.

     Use Cases and Demos

    • Review our overview of use cases below in our third attachment.  
    • Download the whitepaper file sb-dv-13-use-cases-final02.pdf from Resources below.

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