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  • Get Setup & Deliver Data As An Analyst

    Deepesh Tiwari


            Business Analyst

    As a business analyst, it is very important to collect data from different sources like flat file and ODBC sources.

    : Working with Flat Files

    : Working with ODBC data

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization Business Directory is a catalog of  published resources that is aimed primarily at business users.  The product runs as a stand-alone server that is independent of any TIBCO® Data Virtualization instance, and may be used to connect to multiple TIBCO® Data Virtualization servers. 

    Business Directory provides a browser-based user interface.  Users log in to Business Directory using the same credentials they use for TIBCO® Data Virtualization.

    Business Directory is important to our customers for three reasons. 

    First, it invites business users to participate in the Data Governance process.  Business users can see lineage information for published resources, and they may add their own categorization information as metadata for published resources.

    Second, Business Directory enables business users to collaborate with each other to uncover the business value of published TIBCO® Data Virtualization resources.  Users can add comments to resources, and may choose to ?follow? specific resources, which means that they will receive email notification whenever new or changed information is available from developers or business users.

    Third, Business Directory enhances communication between business users and developers, as well as among disparate groups of business users.  The key insight behind Business Directory is that both IT and Business users have different kinds of knowledge regarding corporate data.  By sharing this data across these traditional boundaries, corporations are better able to unlock the power of information. 

    Tutorial 1: Business Directory

    Tutorial 2: Business Directory Custom Property

    Tutorial 3: Business Directory REST API

    Tutorial 4: Business Directory Watch Notification

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