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  • TIBCO® Data Virtualization - Customer Support Newsletter - December 2017

    Vikas Kumar 9

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    Dear Customer,

    Welcome to the Fifth edition of our quarterly TIBCO® Data Virtualization Support Newsletter! In this issue you will find the latest news and many useful tips to help you get the most out of your TIBCO Data Virtualization usage.  Below is a summary of how our TIBCO Data Virtualization Global Support team worked with customers and partners to resolve various CIS product and operational issues. 

    Q4'FY17 Customer Support Highlights

    • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) = 9.4 (out of 10)

    • Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) = 8.9 days

    • Total Support Tickets Closed = 550

    Thank you for being part of our growth. Your success is our top priority and our goal is to help you achieve it. We look forward to many years of working together.

    Please feel free to send your feedback to me at schopra@tibco.com 


    Sumit Chopra, Head of TIBCO Data Virtualization Customer Support


    A Multinational Financial Services Corporation was seeing an issue while executing queries. The customer was injecting a query hint into a view to override the server level configurations for Cases sensitivity and Trailing spaces.

    The hint worked fine in the view, but it was not getting forwarded to its child view. The customer was previously on TIBCO Data Virtualization 7.0.2 and saw no issues forwarding a hint to child view. However after upgrading to TIBCO Data Virtualization 7.0.5, the customer observed the difference in the behavior of the hint in child views.

    We checked internally and found that this change occurred in TIBCO Data Virtualization 7.0.4 and was intentional. But this customer was happy with the previous behavior and wanted to retain it. To achieve original behavior, it would have required a lot of code refactoring. Our product management and engineering team had a foresight of the customer's expectations. Therefore, they added a configuration to revert back to the original behavior, with a simple one click.

    The original behavior can be retained using the option below:

    Studio > Administration > Configuration > Server > SQL Engine > Overrides > Enable Old Select Option Compatibility Mode > change to true

    The customer was able to resume their project and use the views with expected behavior.

    This is an example of how we make an attempt to keep "customer first" in our mind, before making any changes that may possibly impact them. 

    Our Scores and SLA's

    Latest Release  
    • Refer to the TIBCO Community Update from product management,

    • Download TIBCO Data Virtualization 7.0.6

    • New Features in 7.0.6

    • Support for Version Control Systems (VCS)

    • Column Masking Policies (Column-Level Security)  

    • Query Engine Partition/Join Pruning Optimization

    • Centralized Cache Status Tracking

    • Refer to the Release Notes for complete details  

    Recent Hot Fixes

    7.0.5 HF5 released on Sep 25,2017 

    Download Hotfix

    Recent Enhancements
    • CIS-68344: TIBCO Branding Requirements

    • CIS-68028: The hierarchy structure for MongoDB and Cassandra is now correct.

    • CIS-68378: Cassandra no longer throws an error when an ORDER BY clause is added to query

    Helpful Tips:
    1. Steps to upgrade JRE in the TIBCO Data Virtualization instance

      Method A:
      1. Shutdown TIBCO Data Virtualization server, Repository, Monitor

      2. Check for any Java processes and kill them if there are any

      3. Rename the original JRE directory $COMPOSITE_HOME/jre to jre_1.6

      4. Rename the updated(new) JRE directory to jre. 

      5. CIS will now use the new JRE with original directory name.

      Method B: 
      1. Shut down the TIBCO Data Virtualization server

      2. Edit composite_server.sh and composite.sh to change JAVA_HOME to point to the location of the new JRE

      3. set JAVA_HOME= <TIBCO Data Virtualization install dir>\jre

      4. Edit <TDV_install_dir>/conf/server/server_values.xml to change the JRE path to the new location

         <common:attribute>      <common:name>/server/config/files/jreDirectory</common:name>      <common:type>STRING</common:type>      <common:value><-----new path to JRE----></common:value>  </common:attribute>

      5. Restart the TIBCO Data Virtualization server

      6. Verify that the TIBCO Data Virtualization process is using the new JRE

      Eg.,  $ps -elf | grep -i ServerBoot | awk '{print $15}'


    2. Kerberos Configuration for HIVE datasource 

      How to configure Vertica SQL on Hadoop as a Data Source and Kerberos Authentication?

      In the advanced Tab of the HIVE datsource - Add Kerberos SPN and Auth Type for the Connection URL Pattern.

      Eg: jdbc:hive2://<HOST>:<PORT>/<DATABASE_NAME>; <Principal> <kerberosAuthType>

    KB Articles of Interest

    • Hadoop Hive data source throws error in TIBCO Data Virtualization

    • Why doesn't the linux TOP command show the same amount of memory I configured for the TIBCO Data Virtualization heap size?

    • Cannot log into TIBCO Data Virtualization Web Manager

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