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  • TIBCO® Data Virtualization Customer Support Newsletter - February 2019

    Vikas Kumar 9


    Dear Customer,

    Welcome to the 9th edition of our quarterly TIBCO® Data Virtualization Customer Support Newsletter! In this issue you will find the latest news and many useful tips to help you get the most out of your TIBCO Data Virtualization usage. Below is a summary of how our Data Virtualization Global Support team worked with customers and partners to resolve various TIBCO Data Virtualization product and operational issues.

    Q1'FY19 Customer Support Highlights

    Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) = 9.4 (out of 10)

    Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) = 10 days

    Total Support Tickets Closed = 450

    New Knowledge-base Articles Published = 125

    Thank you for being part of our growth. Your success is our top priority and our goal is to help you achieve it. We look forward to many years of working together.

    Please feel free to send your feedback to me at schopra@tibco.com.


    Sumit Chopra, Head of Global Customer Support

    TIBCO Data Virtualization



    The customer is a multinational financial services company that advises, trades and manages capital for governments, institutions and individuals.  Operating in over 40 countries, the customer requires maximum performance and availability of their TIBCO Data Virtualization service.

    Their TIBCO Data Virtualization server?s performance had degraded after repeated vigorous resource updates were made by the customer, manifesting as:

    Excessive and unexplained disk space consumption of hundreds of GBs.

    Instability in the cluster nodes, resulting in dissociation and disconnects.

    Timeouts of user requests.

    Slow response in the Studio UI tool.

    We found a Postgres table from our repository database had grown excessively large, roughly in the order of tens of GBs.  Generally, when the overall repository database consumes more than a full GB of disk, that alone warrants further inspection of the repository.

    Ordinarily this scenario sounds as though it could be resolved by performing a manual Postgres vacuum job (see: https://support.tibco.com/s/article/Manually-vacuuming-the-TDV-repository).

    However, the vacuum job did not reclaim any significant space this time.

    Upon further investigation, we found that the TIBCO Data Virtualization internal ?repository garbage collection? (not to be confused with a java garbage collection) was obstructed by open Postgres connections.  Thus, the many ?old? unneeded rows in the table were not reclaimable by the Postgres vacuum process unless they had first been garbage collected by us.


    This ?repository garbage collection? issue has now been fixed beginning in v7.

    The customer was running an older version of TIBCO Data Virtualization v7.0 and was unable to upgrade at will, given their business demand for a stable persistent environment.


    TIBCO Data Virtualization development engineers provided the customer with a ?surgical? procedure to manually update their repository tables in lieu of the product fix, which then allowed a vacuum to be effective and purge over 90% of the existing rows. This investigation then led to the discovery of a further simplified procedure to address this type of issue for other customers who are not yet running TIBCO Data Virtualization v7.


    TIBCO Data Virtualization Support and Engineering?s solution resulted in the resolution of multiple issues previously reported by the customer, allowing for a much-improved stable operating environment.

    New TIBCO Data Virtualization 8.0 Release

    TIBCO Data Virtualization 8.0 released on November 28th, 2018. Checkout all the new features and updates in 8.0 at TIBCO Data Virtualization Community. Customers can download the software from TIBCO eDelivery or AWS Marketplace.

    TIBCO Data Virtualization 7.0.8 Hotfix 2

    TIBCO Data Virtualization 7.0.8 Hotfix 2 released on January 25th, 2019. Customers can download the hotfix binaries from TIBCO Support Software Download Site.

    Subscribe to TIBCO Data Virtualization Updates

    There are two ways to follow updates:  

    Go to edelivery.tibco.com and search for TIBCO Data Virtualization. Then click the option to notify you on future versions.

    Go to TIBCO Community and follow the TIBCO Data Virtualization What's new page. Here is the link. Go to the What's New and click "Watch".  Note, you need to self register at community.tibco.com.

    Knowledge-base Articles of Interest

    Is there a Web service call that I can use to test whether a data source's connection URL is operational?

    New install of TIBCO Data Virtualization v8.x won't start due to 'fatal failure' seen in log

    Pre-authentication information was invalid (24) - Pre authentication failed

    Configuring Encrypted Communication (SSL/TLS) For TIBCO Data Virtualization Hive Data Source

    When installing the TIBCO Data Virtualization ODBC driver, I receive an error "Could not copy file Composite70.dll to ..."

    Tech Tip

    Viewing the definitions of columns in a published table

    A published table is any table (or view) that is accessible to external client applications. If you would like to view the definitions of the columns in a published table, run a query on the ALL_COLUMNS systems table and filter the results on TABLE_NAME. For instance, let us say that the table you are interested in is named 'employee', and that the table is published under a database name 'Examples'. The following query will display detailed information on the column definitions:

    SELECT * from /services/databases/system/ALL_COLUMNS


        DATASOURCE_NAME like '%Examples%'


    TABLE_NAME = 'employee'

    Customer Kudos

    "I've come to greatly appreciate when Neelesh takes my tickets. His answers are always thorough and complete. He has a great personality and terrific communication skills!" - Investment Bank

    "Outstanding support from Sadia. She went above and beyond and was able to recognize the importance of this issues and get things working. Worked non stop and used some of her special utilities to configure the adapter for the latest version of Impala drivers from Cloudera. All works! Yea. thank you!" - Banking Customer

    "Ajay is excellent w/ his knowledge of Tibco Data Virtualization." - Banking Customer

    "The support provided by Soham is highly appreciated. We receive always a quick and timely response for all our issues. It's always a pleasure working with him. Sincerely thank him for all his efforts." - Technology Customer

    "The case was resolved quickly due to the high level of cooperation and knowledge between our in-house network security team and the TIBCO engineer (Brad)." - Healthcare Customer

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