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  • What's New in TIBCO® Data Virtualization

    Deepesh Tiwari

    Table of Contents

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.8.0


    Web-UI Enhancements

    • Improved User Experience

      Updated Filter Node’s design to be more intuitive and user friendly
    • Undo/Redo Flow Changes

      Users can undo or redo the changes to the flow with the provided buttons or through keystrokes.

    Driver Enhancements

    • Added support for Dynamic Relational DataSource Configuration

      A callback TDV procedure, that is implemented in SQL Script or as a custom Java procedure (CJP) and owned by TDV administrators, can be registered with a relational data source to apply runtime customizations to the data source properties configuration before a connection is used by the TDV server to establish a new session with the data source. All customizations are transient. Their scope is limited to the specification of the JDBC properties to be used by data source connections.
      As an example, an administrator could define a SQL Script procedure that determines the user associated with an incoming request accessing a relational data source and use TDV domain specific language (DSL) statements to adjust its JDBC connection properties to reflect what type of access - ReadWrite or ReadOnly - should apply to the data source connection used by the user request.
    • Vertica - text index

      Added support to create and drop text index in Vertica driver.
      The source table on which the index is to be created must have a primary key and an associated projection. It must also be both sorted and segmented by the primary key.
    • File System Adapters Date Inference - File System Adapters such as LFS, S3, Azure Data Lake, and GCS now infer the data type of file columns carrying date values as DATE.

    Query Engine Enhancements

    • Introduced new functions WEEKNUM, BYTE_SUBSTR, SUBSTR, CONVERT_TO and CONVERT_FROM

      • CONVERT_TO and CONVERT_FROM are supported only for Postgres.

    Security Enhancements

    • Enhanced OAuth2 support for REST Adapter for fetching Access Tokens

    • Support for Opaque OAuth Tokens

      This enhancement introduces supports consuming the opaque OAuth tokens for JDBC, ODBC, and ADO.NET drivers
    • Enhanced AzureAD as IdP

    • Improved Log Out experience for OAuth logins

    Studio Enhancements

    • Review CDATA adapter version in Studio

      The adapter version for CDATA Adapters can now be viewed in the Info Panel of the CDATA Adapters in the Studio
    • Multi-table cache table privilege inheritance

      • A checkbox to “Copy Privileges from parent folder” has been added to the cache table creation panel.


    • Support for XQuery 3.1

      XQuery 3.1 introduces support for consuming JSON data and supports maps & arrays.
    • Language Selection during Login

      Users can now select the language (default English) while logging in through Studio, WebUI, Manager, Deployment Manager, and Business Directory
    • Upgrade to Java 17

      This version of the product uses Java 17
    • Kubernetes Deployment to use micro-services

      Kubernetes deployment has been refactored to use separate containers for TDV server, cache and repository

    Supported Platforms

    For the complete list of supported platforms, refer to the Installation and Upgrade Guide.

    This release adds support for -

    • Oracle Enterprise Linux 8

    • Oracle Enterprise Linux 9

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

    • Rocky Linux 8

    • AlmaLinux 8

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

    • IBM AIX 7.3

    • Windows 11

    • Ubuntu 22 (Docker and Kubernetes Distribution)

    Dropped support for:

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012

    • IBM AIX 7.1

    • Oracle Enterprise Linux 6

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.7.0


    Driver Improvements

    • TDV drivers JDBC/ODBC/ADO.Net now supports OAuth Token (headless flow). A new configuration parameter delegateOauth2flowToServer has been added.

    This is a flag used to indicate whether the oauth2 ROPC flow delegation is used for JDBC/ODBC/ADO.net driver. set this to True to delegate OAUTH2 ROPC flow to TDV server from JDBC/ODBC/ADO.net driver and invoke a call to the oauth IDP and get token from it. set this to false to indicate not to delegate OAUTH2 ROPC flow to TDV server from JDBC/ODBC/ADO.net driver.

    • A new optional property has been added in Connection String of the JDBC/ODBC?ADO.Net drivers that will enable TCP-KeepAlive for the connection.. In the DSN Editor UI(ODBC) this property is located under 'connection' tab

    Property Name: EnableKeepAlive
    Property Type: Boolean
    Default Value: false
    • ADO.Net logger performance has been improved.

    TDV Server Improvements

    • Multiple Workload Management Rules can be defined for User Requests. A rule action is triggered when the user request satisfies a rule. All rules except the EXCEPTION can be invoked many times within the life cycle of request. The EXCEPTION rule however, terminates the request by throwing an exception that has been defined.

    • To reduce the traffic in KPI Metrics, you now have the ability to filter internal and server sessions.

    Query Engine Improvements

    • TDV’s DECIMAL data type now supports arbitrary values. Datasources Oracle, Postgres, Teradata, Greenplum (fork of Postgres) support this arbitrary NUMERIC datatype.

    • Support has been added for the DDL statement CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE DDL

    • Support has been added for pre-aggregation over UNION ALL when the aggregate function is a composite function.

    • Support has been added to the function TO_NCHAR.

    • Numeric Division is now supported when performing integer divisions. To enable/disable this, use the configuration option /server/sql/language/numericDivision.

    • New SELECT option has been included NO_DATA_CACHE_IMMEDIATE. This disables caching for immediate views only. It does not affect sub views.

    Security Enhacements

    • TDV drivers JDBC/ODBC/ADO.Net now supports OAuth Token (headless flow). A new configuration parameter delegateOauth2flowToServer has been added.

    This is a flag used to indicate whether the oauth2 ROPC flow delegation is used for JDBC/ODBC/ADO.net driver. set this to True to delegate OAUTH2 ROPC flow to TDV server from JDBC/ODBC/ADO.net driver and invoke a call to the oauth IDP and get token from it. set this to false to indicate not to delegate OAUTH2 ROPC flow to TDV server from JDBC/ODBC/ADO.net driver

    • TDV now supports the field Scope when creating an OAuth domain. Microsoft Azure requires to have "application ID URI" in front of the scope values (ie. prefix api://...). This will enable TDV to receive a valid access token that has a valid issuer value.

    Studio Enhancements

    • TDV Studio Editor has been replaced. Some of the notable features are:

        Occurrence bar is added to the right edge of the editor which shows the current matches in the Find/Replace context
        Bookmarks are added. These bookmarks are not retained when the content is reloaded. They are useful in the current editing session only.
        Context menu is added for the most commonly used editor commands (You can activate the context menu by Right mouse click).
        Line numbers can be turned on and off from the user preference. Line number color can be customized as well.
        You can set options such as Auto-complete, Line number, Line wrap, Auto-Capitilization, Syntax Coloring, Fonts etc. from the Editor Preferences window. Access the Editor Preferences by choosing Edit->Options from the TDV Studio menu and choosing the Editor tab.
        The Find/Replace interface looks slightly different from the old editor, but most of the functions are retained.
        Status bar now includes the read-only indicator, line-wrap toggle, and the line and character count tool-tip over the cursor location indicator. The PC/UNIX/Mac line ending option has been removed.
        User preferences and keyboard shortcut quick help have been updated accordingly
        Syntax Highlighting has been retained from the previous editor and most of the functions are the same. Currently XQuery editor comments are not highlighted.
        Resource paths will not be auto-completed in the editor. Drag and drop the resources to your editor pane to display the entire path of the resources.
        Manual code folding is removed, but auto XML code folding is added.
        A list of new keyboard shortcuts are available by accessing the menu item Help -> Editor Quick Help.
    • The visual presentation of the information displayed in the Execution Query Plan in TDV Studio has been improved for better readability.

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.6.0

    OAuth Login

    OAuth is now supported as a means for logging into TDV using the following tools:

    • Web Manager
    • Studio
    • Web UI

    Data Source Improvements

    1. DATE_ADD Function support has been added to MySQL datasource.

    2. A new capability Partial String Mask for CBS Push has been added to the following data sources:

    • Access
    • Access (non-ODBC)
    • Composite
    • Datadirect Mainframe
    • DB2
    • DB2 Mainframe
    • Greenplum
    • Hive
    • Hive 2
    • HSQLDB
    • Impala
    • Informix
    • MSSQL
    • Netezza
    • Postgresql (9.0, 9.1)
    • Redshift
    • SAP Hana
    • Sybase
    • Sybase IQ
    • Teradata
    • Vertica

    3. The following improvements have been made to OData V4:

    • Group By Support has been added via the $apply parameter.
    • Server side pagination has been added to using the skiptoken element and Client side pagination request using odata.maxpagesize
    • Prepared statements will be used when an ODATA url contains a key predicate

    4. Native Statement support has been added to DST adapters.

    Driver Improvements

    1. ADO.NET Visual Studio Extension is now supported on Visual Studio 2019 for Editions=Community, Professional and Enterprise.

    2. TDV ADO.Net driver now supports .NET Standard 2.0. The driver will be delivered as a DLL and a .NuGet package

    3. A new optional property has been added that is usable when connecting to ODBC and ADO.Net Drivers. When this property is set to true, the driver enables TCPKeepAlive for the connection.

    Other Improvements

    1. Added multi-form support for REST POST invocations.

    2. Certified that TDV works on RHEL 8.

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.5.0

    TDV Cloud Support

    • Improved Docker containerization (make it easier to use/configure docker scripts to build TDV images and deploy them)
    • Added basic support for deploying TDV in a Kubernetes environment On-Premises and in Public Cloud platforms (Azure)

    Web UI Improvements

    • The TDV Web UI has a new powerful Search capability which performs free text search across all TDV resources visible in the Web UI (data & system tables, flows, data stores, and views)
    • The TDV Web UI Catalog has been redesigned for better usability and performance

    OAuth 2.0 Support

    • OAuth 2.0 support has been extended to REST Web Services, OData, and the JDBC, ODBC and ADO.Net drivers

    Adapters Update

    • SingleStore is certified as a supported TDV datasource and as a cache target. The TDV MPP Engine also supports the SingleStore data source adapter.
    • TDV Couchbase adapter now supports query passthrough
    • TDV Snowflake adapter now supports Temp table creation
    • TDV now supports MySQL version 8.0.23

    Cloud File System WRITE support

    • Amazon S3, Azure Data Lake Storage and Local File Storage adapters now support DDL execution
    • Proxy server support has been extended to the TDV Amazon S3 adapter

    Query Engine Improvements

    • TDV now supports binary string literal and hexadecimal string literal
    • SPLIT and SPLIT_PART character functions are now supported by TDV
    • DATEADD, DATEPART and DATEDIFF function implementations have been modified to remove the mandatory requirement to include quotes for the first parameter
    • Explain plans from JDBC clients or Scratchpad in Studio will now show the actual execution times
    • Index Level Optimizer hints have been extended to MySQL Datasource

    SQL Support

    • Support has been added for Table Column Aliases (SQL-92)

    OAuth 2.0 Token Authentication for VCS

    • Ability to support the OAuth authentication model for VCS integration has been added in the TDV 8.5 release. This is required for using GitHub as a VCS repository.
    • The ignoreEncryption option is now available for VCS operations

    LDAP Domain Administration - Performance Improvements

    • To improve login performance, TDV now allows customers to disable group synchronization during the login. A built-in procedure is available that can be invoked to manually sync the groups in the Web Manager or create a trigger to sync the groups.

    Support for PostgreSQL 12

    • TDV 8.5 PostgreSQL repository has been upgraded to version 12

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.4.0

    New Web Interface

    • Self-Service Data Provisioning
    • Self-Service Data Catalog

    New Adapters

    • Cloud File System Adapters
      • Amazon S3
      • Azure Data Lake Storage
      • Local File Storage

    Data Sources Improvements

    • Support for DDL clauses in Vertica and Teradata
    • Upgrade Liveview client to the latest Data Streams client

    API Enhancements

    • Support DSL through JDBC/ODBC/ADO.Net
    • New examples in the Deployment Manager API Swagger documentation

    Client Protocols and Driver Improvements

    • Support for unixODBC Driver Manager and DataDirect Driver Manager

    Server Infrastructure

    • SSL Mutual Authentication
    • VCS Improvement
    • Encryption of passwords used within the option file
    • Column Based Security (CBS) Update - Group Rules for Multiple Domains
    • Column Based Security (CBS) Policy Assignments now include Boolean and BIT data types
    • Custom Server Settings for External Tools
    • Temp Directory Improvement


    • Flash is being de-supported by all major browsers. The Web Monitor is being deprecated due to this.

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.3.0

    New OOTB Data Source Adapters

    • TIBCO Streaming
    • MarkLogic
    • Splunk
    • Azure Cosmos DB
    • MS SQL Server 2019 (Kerberos, Cache Target, DSJ)
    • Oracle 19c (Kerberos, Cache Target, DSJ)
    • Teradata 16.20 (Cache Target, DSJ)

    New Drivers/Plugins

    • New ADO.NET drivers that support EntityFramework and .NET Core 2.0
    • MS SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

    Query Engine Improvements

    • Pre-aggregation push down optimizations for Joins / Unions
    • Parallel execution of sort merge join branches
    • Increased default row estimate for MPP
    • Support for native Vertica query hints
    • Optimization for an INTERSECT with a null scan
    • Push down optimization for functions used on HASH JOIN predicates
    • Support for TOP as a push down function
    • Query optimizations for Empty Relations (Join Pruning)
    • REGEXP_* functions support (regexp_count, regexp_instr, regexp_replace and regexp_substring)
    • DISABLE_SORT_REMOVAL option to allow ORDER BY in sub-selects

    Data Sources and Caching Improvements

    • Pass OAuth access token from TDV client drivers to OData data sources
    • Support for DDL and DML against Apache Hive 2.x
    • Push down of UNPIVOT into DB2 and PostgreSQL
    • Improvements to caching techniques for TIBCO ComputeDB
    • Big5 charset addition for Microsoft Excel data source
    • Support for excluding function or operator combination in the Data Source Toolkit (DSK has been enhanced to allow ?not_supported? syntax for function combinations that are not supported in the underlying data source)


    • New REST and Domain Specific APIs to manage full lifecycle of TDV resources
    • Support for Open API Specification 3.0 for web services published through TDV (TDV automatically generates Swagger based documentation based on OAS 3.0 for all REST based published web services)
    • Easy access for REST API documentation and published web services URL. Studio now includes a Help menu item to allow browsing all TDV REST API documentation as well as the URL for accessing the generated documentation of all published web services.
    • Client Protocols and Driver Improvements
    • Allow client to negotiate TLS version when communicating with server
    • Update of.NET framework to 4.5 for TDV ADO.NET driver
    • driverConfig utility update (ODBC driverConfig utility prompts for the ODBC driver location if not found under default path)

    Server Infrastructure

    • New Systems Events (User Login and Table Creation events are now tracked and can be audited through SNMP traps, server event logs, etc.)
    • Additional system event types for System Event Trigger (updated with 90 additional event types)
    • New flag ignoreEncryption to allow processing CAR files if encryption password is missing
    • includeParentResources option for pkg_export
    • Additional options for pkg_import to specify the spn and authentication type
    • Upgraded JMS 2.0 jar in TDV server install

    TDV Certifications and Deployments

    • Windows 2019 Certification
    • Dockerfile for TDV deployments
    • Azure marketplace offering for TDV 8.3
    • AWS marketplace offering for TDV 8.3


    • Adapter Guide improvement
    • Description for fields in the events log file
    • Documentation update to reflect JRE version support for TDV JDBC driver

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.2.0

    General Updates

    • Java Runtime Engine 11 support - TDV Server, TDV Business Directory, and TDV Studio installation bundles now provide the Oracle JDK 11 software. This has critical security fixes and full support of the Java 11 specification.
    • OData v4 support - TDV implements the full OData v4 specification as standardized by OASIS. OData endpoints are automatically made available for all published databases and web services.

      • Published views without primary keys are supported.

      • Support has been extended for published procedures with multiple input / output cursors.

      • Support for navigation links between tables / views with defined relationships.

      • Support for Create / Update / Delete for OData records.

      • Support for $count, $filter, $select, $orderby, $skip, $top, $search, $expand and $levels options as outlined in the OData v4 specification; 40+ operators (comparison, logical, arithmetic, grouping) and functions (string, math, date, type).

    Security Updates

    • SSL certificate validation for GIT - SSL certificate verification is now configurable for GIT source control integration in Studio.
    • OAuth Token Pass-through - Applications connecting to data sources with OAuth based authentication can now implement Single Sign-On (SSO) by passing the OAuth tokens from the client all the way down to the data source. Support for passing down OAuth tokens has been implemented against Google BigQuery. Clients using JDBC, ODBC and ADO.NET driver can leverage the ?alternateSecurityCredentials? property map to pass down the OAuthAccessToken property.

    Data Source Updates

    • ComputeDB as a data source and cache target (New Adapter) - Support for TIBCO ComputeDB as a data source and cache target has been added in TDV 8.2. TIBCO ComputeDB is an HTAP solution that blends the best of Apache Spark and GemFire to bring high speed in-memory analytics processing. TDV supports running massively parallel queries against ComputeDB, as well as the capability to materialize the datasets for large scale distributed processing within ComputeDB.
    • Snowflake as a data source and cache target (New Adapter) - TDV supports Snowflake data warehouse as a data source and as a cache target.
    • Redshift and Google BigQuery as cache targets - Starting with TDV 8.2, Redshift and Google BigQuery can be used as cache targets to materialize data sets.
    • SAP BW metadata - SAP BW allows for resources with duplicate descriptive names but unique technical names. TDV supports introspection of resources that have duplicate descriptive names.
    • Toolkit Improvements - TDV Data Source Toolkit framework has been extended to support DDL syntax configuration against toolkit adapters. The ability to configure CREATE and DROP TABLE / INDEX syntax or use an alternate syntax has been added to the toolkit framework. The framework also allows for pointing to an external storage using EXTERNAL TABLE syntax. This framework will allow for custom toolkit based adapters to be used as a target system for materializing data sets.

    Performance / Scalability

    • Pass-through query performance improvements - To improve performance of single data source pass-through queries, the wire protocol between TDV clients and TDV server has been optimized. The improvements include optimizing for certain data types like strings, as well as optimization in the transport protocol to reduce the latency on the client. Client drivers like JDBC, ODBC and ADO.NET can configure the enableFlood and stripDuplicates properties in the connection URL to enable this optimization. The Power BI connector also exposes these properties for enabling the optimization.
    • Analytics functions support in MPPE - TDV 8.2 has extended the Massively Parallel Processing Engine to parallelize the following analytical functions:
      • Value functions - LAG(), LEAD(), FIRST_VALUE(), LAST_VALUE()
      • Aggregate functions - AVG(), COUNT(), MAX(), MIN(), SUM()
      • Ranking functions - CUME_DIST(), DENSE_RANK(), NTILE(), PERCENT_RANK(), RANK(), ROW_NUMBER()

    Server Updates

    • Azure AD support - Azure Active Directory (LDAP) is now supported as an AD domain on the TDV server side. This will allow Azure-based data sources integrated with Azure AD to be authenticated by TDV against it.
    • API for Column Annotation - A new API, UpdateColumnAnnotation, has been introduced to allow annotations to be added at the column level. This API can be invoked externally, allowing for flexibility in managing column annotations outside of Studio.
    • GetProperty API for Cluster ID - GetProperty API has been extended to return CLUSTER_ID for a node if it is part of a cluster or NULL if it is a standalone node. This API can be used to query the status of a node in a mixed environment of standalone and cluster nodes and track the cluster to which the node is attached.


    • Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported in TDV. For a list of supported browsers, refer to Web Browser Support in the Installation and Upgrade Guide.
    • 32-bit TDV Studio installations are no longer supportedThis is due to the move from Java 8 to Java 11.


    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.1.0

    General Updates

    • New Versioning aligned with TIBCO Standards - Starting with 8.0, TDV will now use the TIBCO Standard of Major.Minor.ServicePack for its versioning convention.  Major releases will deliver major functionality and require a migration upgrade. Minor releases will be more frequent and how most features will be delivered to customers.  Service Packs will be for bug fix releases.
    • ODBC Driver Upgrade - ODBC Drivers will now use Open SSL 1.1.1a
    • Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) Support - Support for GIT configured TFS Servers has been added to Studio's Version Control Support. NTLM authentication is also supported.

    Data Source Updates

    • Improved capabilities for DB2 z/OS v11 - Push down capability has been added for a number of DB2 z/OS 11 functions.  This includes data functions, character functions, conversion functions, numeric functions and binary functions among others.  For a complete list please refer to the release notes.
    • Updated Vertica capabilities - Support for DECODE and CAST in Vertica capabilities has been added.
    • Enforcement of STRICT keyword for toolkit based adapters - If the function semantics between DV and underlying data sources do not match then the function will not be pushed down and the enforcement will be done using the STRICT keyword in the YAML file.

    Server Updates

    • Support for DDL in SQL Scripts - DDL syntax for CREATE TABLE, INSERT TABLE and CREATE TABLE AS SELECT have extended to SQL Script do complex data manipulation and preparation.
    • Support for PIVOT / UNPIVOT transformations - Native PIVOT and UNPIVOT support has been added.
    • MPP Improvements - The parallel execution engine has been improved to add more data source support and stronger support for decimal data types.
    • Standardization of IncludePolicies - Standardization of IncludePolicies to cover CBS, RBS, Security and Cache policies in both UI and command line
    • Updated XQuery and Xpath support - TDV Server support for XQuery 3.0 and XPath 3.0
    • Windows 2016 Support - The server can be deployed on Windows 2016 Server Edition 64-bit.

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.0

    Performance / Scalability

    • New Massively Parallel Processing Engine - A new massively parallel processing engine (MPPE) has been added to optimize large federated queries that access and combine data sets from multiple data sources.  The new engine will balance processing across available processors across the entire cluster rather than routing requests to specific cluster nodes. This will allow customers to scale their DV environment to handle much larger data volumes (100s of millions of rows and above).
    • Granular Workload Management - New granular workload management policies allow admins to set up limits for memory usage, request time limits and row limits either at the user or group level or published object level to limit problematic requests and maximize service level agreements.

    Server Updates

    • New JSON Formatting Functions - New functions have been introduced to allow developers to product customized JSON from SQL views or procedures.  JSON arrays and objects and aggregations of each are supported to allow complete customization of the JSON outputted from a data set.
    • New Encryption - Enhanced AES encryption has been added for server level and data source passwords.

    Studio / Developer Updates

    • Code Editor Improvements - The Studio code editors have been updated to include line numbers and auto complete for function name and path lookups.

    Client Updates

    • Power BI Direct Query Support - TDV now ships with a new PowerBI Driver that supports direct query mode in PowerBI Desktop.  The PowerBI adapter is located in <INSTALL_DIR>/apps/PowerBI.

    Data Source Updates

    New adapters have been added for the following data sources:

    • Apache Spark SQL
    • Elasticsearch
    • CDH Hive and CDH Impala
    • Google Calendar
    • Google Contacts
    • Google Drive

    The following adapters have been updated with newer versions and updated SQL capabilities:

    • Apache Hive
    • Apache Impala
    • Excel Services 2010

    Other Updates

    • For published web services, there is now the ability to add or rewrite HTTP response headers
    • Reading and write HTTP Header into client property for SOAP data sources is now supported so that cookies with a session ID can be sent in subsequent requests
    • There is now support for Subject Alternative Name when configuring security certificates
    • The server will now push UNION to SQL Server even if there is an NLS data type mismatch between columns
    • Introspection of Impala data sources now identifies the partitioned columns
    • When using the DROP IF EXISTS DDL statement via JDBC/ODBC, there server now drops all objects at all 3 layers (published, TDV data source and database)
    • With the SAP BW BEx adapter there is support for multiple structures on the columns axis
    • The DECFLOAT data type is now supported for DB2 LUW
    • There is now the ability to set custom encryption keys during the server installation
    • There is now the ability to change the repository and cache database port numbers after installation
    • The ADO.net driver now supports Visual Studio 2012 and 2015
    • Internet Explorer 11 is now supported as a client browser


    • Internet Explorer 10 is no longer supported for all web clients
    • Solaris ODBC drivers are no longer supported
    • Windows Server 2003 x64 is no longer supported as a server OS
    • CentOS 5.X x64 is no longer supported as a server OS
    • Solaris platform is no longer supported as a server OS
    • HPUX ODBC drivers are no longer supported
    • JDBC driver support for JRE 1.6 clients are no longer supported

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 7.0.8

    Server Updates

    • Faster Cluster Join Operation - A new cluster node join operation has been introduced to drastically speed up the cluster join operation.  This is a key benefit for large deployments (thousands to millions of resources per node) when nodes need to be added quickly.  
    • Constrained Delegation Support for JDBC Driver - Client applications using kerberos with the JDBC driver can now enable constrained delegation.

    Data Source Updates

    • New IBM DB2 LUW V11 adapter - Support for DB2 LUW v11 has been added.  All levels of support have been updated (data source, cache, data ship and kerberos)
    • New IBM DB2 z/OS v11 adapter - Support for DB2 z/OS v11 as a data source has been added.
    • Microsoft SQL Server Updates - For SQL Server versions 2012 and higher, the query engine will push OFFSET and FETCH functions.
    • Hive and Impala Updates - A new query engine capability for "IN clause" has been added for Impala/Hive adapters.

    Client Updates

    • Microsoft Power BI Support -  Support for Power BI Desktop with ?import mode? only has been enabled tested against the PowerBI generic ODBC source with the TDV ODBC driver.
    • New Lineage API for Data Source Information - A new system API has been enabled that shows the underlying data source platform of published tables.  For federated published tables this will be blank. For pass through scenarios, this will show the data source platform so that client applications can optimize SQL and function support.

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 7.0.7

    Server Updates

    • The server has been updated to scale to much larger amounts of resource definitions (multiple millions) of metadata in Studio UI and Repository
    • There is a manual-tune options for metadata cache size to support larger amounts of resource definitions
    • Semi-join can now be pushed to multiple data sources
    • The target namespace definition can now be moved to the top-level element in published web service response
    • The server now supports SNMP v3 for integration with third-party notification systems

    Procedural Updates

    • There is a new parameter in the RBS procedure signature to pass in the current resource's full name for the current execution
    • Design by Example functionality is now supported for introspected procedures
    • There are now functions to return constants for current username and user domain when writing procedural code
    • Add an environment variable to retrieve path and name information of a procedure

    Data Source Updates

    • The Greenplum adapter has been updated to support the following:
      • Kerberos Authentication
      • Data Ship Join Optimization
      • Updated push down capabilities
    • Google Big Query Adapter has been optimized to push down many more functions
    • The Query Band feature for Teradata allows using all of the exposed properties on the server
    • For SAP BW BEx data sources there is now an indication in the UI, whether an input field is mandatory or not
    • SQL Server 2016 is now supported as a data source, cache target and data ship target
    • When using Kerberos with the SQL Server adapter it now supports specifying a keytab  file instead of username/password
    • These adapters have been updated to newer versions:
      • Active Directory, Apache HBase, Cassandra, Couchbase, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics GP, Dynamics Nav, DynamoDB, Eloqua, Email, Excel Services, Excel Services 2010, Facebook, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Apps, Twitter

    Deployment Manager Updates

    • There is now a specific role for users who need to use the Deployment Manager so they do not have to  be members of the admin group
    • Individual published resources can now be added to resource bundles
    • The Deployment Manager UI now allows individual published resource(s) to be dragged and dropped into resource bundles

    Third-Party Updates

    • Server, Business Directory and Studio now use JRE 1.8.0_172.
    • A new JDBC driver has been added for JRE 1.8 clients (csjdbc.jar).  JDBC drivers for JRE 1.7 (csjdbc7.jar) and JRE 1.6 (csjdbc6.jar) clients are still available.
    • Cache and Repository databases have been updated to Postgres 9.6.8.
    • Jetty server has been updated to 9.2.22.v20170606.


    • The TDV Server and Business Directory no longer support OpenSUSE 10.x
    • 32-bit versions for TDV Server and Business Directory for all platforms are no longer available.  There are still 32-bit and 64-bit versions for the Studio and ODBC drivers on AIX, Solaris, Linux, Windows.

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 7.0.6

    TIBCO® Data Virtualization 7.0.6 (TDV) is the first release of the data virtualization product at TIBCO Software Inc.  This release incorporates the TIBCO branding, new simplified packaging and some fixes for MongoDB and Cassandra adapters.

    TIBCO® Branding

    All Cisco images, splash screens and directories have now been replaced with TIBCO images.  Directories are updated for new installs but will not be changed for upgrades from prior versions.

    New Packaging

    Now under TIBCO®, the packaging has been greatly simplified. TDV 7.0.6 will be sold by processor for all environment types.  All add-ons under Cisco for adapter bundles, cluster and business directory are now included in the base package.  The standard TIBCO options for prod, non-prod, prodplus and dev/test will be offered.  Prodplus allows use of a specifed number of dev/test and failover/backup cores per production core purchased.  For more information, please contact your account manager.

    Updates to MongoDB and Cassandra adapters

    The MongoDB and Cassandra adapters have been updated to fix issues with the data source hierarchy.  Please review the release notes up on eDelivery under TIBCO® Data Virtualization for more information on these fixes as well as other fixes included in this release.

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