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  • TIBCO EBX version upgrade strategy and recommendations

    As of April 4th 2024, the TIBCO EBX product suite currently has the following version families available for customers to use. 

    • 5.9.x

    • 6.0.x

    • 6.1.x


    It is important for customers to be aware of the following information about these different tracks:

    • As a part of our release cycle, any new features via product enhancements may be implemented in the latest and/or upcoming product versions. That means no new features can be added to the prior releases (Example: 5.9.x and 6.0.x releases, if 6.1.x is the latest version available)

    • 6.1.x, being the latest version at the moment, contains all the prior bug fixes and enhancements as listed in the version 6.1.x Release Notes. 

    • Hotfixes and Service Packs & New features are provided for the latest product version for high severity issues, at TIBCO’s discretion.


    Important information: 

    EBX 6.1 will be the last version compatible with Java 11.  Releases after 6.1.x  will be migrated from Java EE to Jakarta EE. Please note the following important changes in connection with this transition:

    • Further releases will require a Java 17 runtime environment and it is imperative that the application server version is upgraded to a compatible version. Here will be the new list of EBX supported environments:

      • Tomcat 10 and JRE 17

      • WebSphere AS Liberty 23  (Jakarta EE 10) and JRE 17

      • JBoss 8.0 Beta (Jakarta EE 10) and JRE 17

    • Any custom code that’s being used in the current versions of EBX will need to be recompiled and redeployed

    • The Jakarta migration requires renaming some packages especially if REST Toolkit, or the mail Java API are used. This means that a potential refactoring of the project implementation & custom code changes could be required

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