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  • TIBCO FTL® Inline mode event queue vs Non Inline mode event queue

    Manoj Chaurasia

    In TIBCO FTL®, an event queue holds message events and timer events until the callbacks can process them. The event queue dispatches the message events and timer events as and when they are received provided the application is calling tibEventQueue_Dispatch in a thread. 

    The event queue can be either in non-inline mode or inline mode. By default, the event queue is in not in inline mode. Non-inline mode allows for maximum throughput. However, If applications are latency sensitive then the event queue can also be dispatched in inline mode. This can be done by setting TIB_EVENTQUEUE_PROPERTY_BOOL_INLINE_MODE to true and the properties object passed to tibEventQueue_Create.


     props = tibProperties_Create(ex);     tibProperties_SetBoolean(ex, props, TIB_EVENTQUEUE_PROPERTY_BOOL_INLINE_MODE, tibtrue);     CHECK(ex);     queue = tibEventQueue_Create(ex, realm, props);     tibProperties_Destroy(ex, props);     CHECK(ex)


    There are however some restrictions if the event queue is in inline mode. Please refer to TIBCO FTL documentation on Inline mode event queue restrictions

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