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  • Custom TIBCO Hawk® Plug-in for Monitoring TIBCO Enterprise Message Service? Appliance? ReadMe

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Table of Contents


    This custom TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service? MicroAgent (CEMA) Plug-in enables TIBCO Hawk® to monitor:

    • EMS Appliance fault tolerant state (EMSA V2.1 or higher required)

    • EMS Appliance SYSLOG messages (supports standard BSD RFC3164 message formats)

    • EMS connection counts by user

      • E.g. can be used to raise alerts if applications exceed their connection limits.

    • EMS File Store information including the fragmentation percentage

    Supported Platforms

    • All platform supported by Hawk 4.9.0 except IBM i5.
    • Linux is recommended for standard SYSLOG support.

    Software Requirements

    • TIBCO Software:

    • TIBCO Hawk 4.9 or higher

    • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 8.1 or higher (client).


    Follow this procedure to install this plugin into your TIBCO Hawk installation:

    • On Windows, open the TIBCO Hawk Configuration Utility and verify the plugin directory is set to the location where the  TIBCO Hawk plug-ins are installed. 

    • On UNIX, edit the TIBCO Hawk hawkagent.cfg file and specify  the -hma_plugin_dir option to include the directory where the Hawk plugins are installed. 

    For more information about configuring TIBCO Hawk plug-ins on Windows and UNIX, see TIBCO Hawk Installation and Configuration.

    • Copy the following jar files from your EMS 8.1 or higher installation to the Hawk lib directory:

      • jms-2.0.jar
      • tibjms.jar
      • tibjmsadmin.jar
      • tibcrypt.jar
    • Copy the following files from this package to the Hawk plugin directory:

      • cema.jar
      • cemaMonitor.hma
      • cemaSyslog.hma
    • Copy the following sample rulebase files from this package to the Hawk autoconfig directory:

      • cemaMonitor.hrb
      • cemaSyslog.hrb
    • Navigate to the plugin directory and edit the hma files in a text editor. 

      • Specify the correct parameters for your environment, such as

    • EMS username, password and server URL.

      • Create additional hma files as needed for more EMS Servers/Appliances.

    • Re-start the Hawk Agent.

    • Review Hawk.log and hawk agent stdout for errors.

    • Using Hawk Display review rulebases and amend as required.

      • The sample cemaMonitor rulebase monitors EMS Appliance state and number of user connections. A medium alert is generated for any user that has > 500 connections and a high alert for users with > 1000 connections. Edit these as appropriate for your environment.

      • Note; the sample rulebases will work with multiple instances of the cemaMonitor  MicroAgent. If you wish to create new rulebases for a specific instance the MicroAgent add a suffix in the hma to create MicroAgent with a unique name.

    • For EMS Appliance SYSLOG monitoring ensure the following:

      If the MA is to poll the local syslog file:

      Restart the syslog daemon ensuring it is configured to accept remote syslogs e.g:

       syslogd -m 0 -r


      • Configure the cemaSyslog.hrb file appropriately to either poll the local syslog file for new messages, or to listen directly to raw messages on UDP port 514.

      • The EMS Appliance has been setup to export syslog messages to the server running Hawk the agent.

      • Ensure UDP unicast traffic on port 514 is permitted between the EMS Appliance and monitoring server.

      • Edit the syslog collector config file (e.g. /etc/syslog.conf) and add the following line:

         daemon.notice;local5.notice;kern.notice        /var/log/emsa.log

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