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  • How to Configure Apache Kafka on Google GKE

    Bill Mclane

    The purpose of this document and included Kubernetes support package is to provide a guide to install, configure, and run Apache Kafka in Google Kubernetes Environment (GKE) using Docker and Kubernetes Container Platform.   Following the instructions provided in this document and using the specified supported versions of products and components, users can run Apache Kafka in a supported fashion running in Google using Kubernetes. 

    This document will outline:

    • Configuring the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for Apache Kafka.
    • Configuring the Google Container Registry (GCR) for the Docker® image registry
    • Creating a Docker® image embedding Kafka/Zookeeper and hosting it in GKE
    • Configuring and creating Kafka/Zookeeper Kubernetes containers based on the Docker image

    Support Product and Component Versions:

    • Apache Kafka Distribution - Core 2.7.0-1 or later
    • Docker Community/Enterprise Edition most recent version
    • Kubernetes 1.18.10 or later



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