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  • How to Configure TIBCO Enterprise Message Service? with Fault Tolerance leveraging NetApp Storage on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

    Bill Mclane

    The purpose of the document is to provide a guide to install, configure, and run TIBCO Enterprise Message Service? in a fault-tolerant configuration using NetApp Storage on Google Cloud Platform GCP with CentOS Linux. In addition, the document will provide the steps and expected results for testing EMS F/T using NetApp's Cloud Volume for shared storage.

    The document will outline:

    • Google Compute Engine Instance Creation in GCP
    • NetApp Cloud Volume Creation and Configuraiton
    • Setting up CentOS Linux VM instances on GCP
    • Configuring the NFS4 mount on the CentOS Linux VM instance
    • Installing and configuring EMS for F/T
    • Tuning EMS for NetApp Cloud Volume

    Running tests for:

    • EMS process failure
    • Network failure between the GCP instance running EMS and the shared storage
    • System Failure / Accidental reboot of the GCP instance(s)


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