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  • How to Configure the TIBCO Messaging Apache Kafka Schema Repository with NGINX

    Bill Mclane

    The TIBCO Messaging ? Apache Kafka Schema Repository provides the ability to register Kafka message structures in a central repository.  By using a schema repository, applications have a central location where the metadata for application data exchange can be managed.   In many cases applications need the ability to edit and change schemas, however some application administrators want the ability to prevent production level changes to schema definitions.

    To provide an additional layer of protection that allows producers and consumers the ability to read schemas from the repository but also prevents them from making any modifications to the schema definition NGINX can be used for finer granularity of control.  Leveraging  NGINX, an administrator, can provide finer grained control over what specific users can and cannot do when interacting with the Schema Repository. 

    Supported Versions:

    The following versions of the products and components have been tested, and are supported:

    • TIBCO Messaging ? Apache Kafka Schema Repository 1.3
    • Apache Kafka 2.7 or newer
    • NGINX version 1.21 or later
    • TIBCO FTL 6.5 or later



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