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  • How to Configure the TIBCO Messaging Monitor for EMS in a Kubernetes Environment

    Bill Mclane

    The purpose of this document is to provide information on installing the TIBCO Messaging Monitor (Msgmon), along with the Msgmon EMS extension in Docker and Kubernetes environments. The documentation and configuration are based on the use of TIBCO EMS 10.1 and can be used with file-based, FTL, or AS data grid as the persisted storage for EMS. This document will not provide a step-by-step configuration of a specific Kubernetes environment. However, the installation and configuration of TIBCO Msgmon are the same for AWS/EKS, Azure/AKS, Google/GKE, RedHat OpenShift, as well as generic Kubernetes environments.

    The documentation from the article TIBCO® Messaging and TIBCO ActiveSpaces® - Article Links - Quick Access for configuring the TIBCO Messaging components on Azure AKS, AWS EKS, or GCP GKE can all be used as the baseline for installing Msgmon in any Kubernetes environment.

    This document will not provide an overview of the usage of the TIBCO Messaging Monitor. Please refer to https://docs.tibco.com/pub/msgmon/1.0.1/doc/pdf/TIB_msgmon_1.0.1_user.pdf for the usage of the component.

    Supported Versions:

    The following versions of the products and components have been tested, and are supported with the TIBCO Messaging Monitor with the EMS extension:

    • TIBCO Msgmon 1.0.1
    • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 10.1. Previous versions of EMS are not supported.
    • Docker Community/Enterprise Edition should be most recent version
    • Kubernetes 1.21 or newer
    • CentOS 7.x running as part of the Docker Container


    The reader of this document must be familiar with:

    • Docker concepts
    • Kubernetes installation and administration
    • Kubernetes CLI, kubectl
    • TIBCO EMS installation and configuration
    • All necessary downloads discussed in the following section



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