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  • BW6.X - How to start BusinessWorks 6.X appnodes and applications automatically at server boot

    This is a common question and the answer is quiet simple.

    The simplest approach to start appnodes and applications automatically after a server boot is to use the ‘startBWAppNode.sh’ scripts generated when an appnode is created.

    There is one such script for each appnode and it is located in the following folder :


    Note that this script is used when starting an appnode from the TEA or from bwadmin. If you need something to be done at appnode start-up, like for example loading Hawk rules, you can then safely update the script to include the needed action.

    To start applications automatically you can consider the two following approaches:

    #1 Default behaviour

    By default BusinessWorks remember the state of each application (‘Running’ or ‘Stopped’) at the moment the appnode was shutdown.

    This is managed in the following file: <TIBCO_HOME>\bw\6.6\domains\<DOMAIN>\appspaces\<APPSPACE>\apps\<Application>\<Version>\<Application>_<Version>.config (for example: /opt/tibco/bw/6.7/domains/TEST/appspaces/AS01/apps/TestApp.application/1.0/ TestApp.application_1.0.config).

    Then when the appnode is restarted, applications that were in ‘Running’ state are restarted and the others are not.

    #2 — Starting all applications when an appnode is restarted

    This can be done by updating the following property in the appnode config.ini file (uncomment and set the property to ‘true’):



    The config.ini file is located in the following folder:


    In Windows environment you can also use the approach to run appnodes as Windows services, this is described in the following article :


    You may also refer to the following support KB article :



    Additional elements:

    Scripts to start and stop appnodes are attached.



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