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  • TIBCO Cloud Live Apps Release Notes

    Mrunal Rajendra Sul

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    TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps, Refresh 59 (December 2023)

    What's New

    Improve visible error reporting for Publish to Partner errors

    We have made the reasons for problems during Publish to partners clearer so that problems caused by incorrect subscription configuration can be diagnosed and resolved quickly.
    If a Publish to partners or Withdraw from partners operation fails, you can hover the mouse over the status icon in the Partner subscriptions view in application administration to view the reason for the problem.

    Closed Issues

    Summary: If an application is published more than once to a partner subscription and then withdrawn, the application-related data from earlier versions is not removed. For example, case work items created using earlier versions of the application are not removed from the partner subscription.
    Related Case ID: 02220057, 02220060

    Summary: If Publish to Partner fails during the pre-processing of RASC for a partner, the partial RASC might be sent anyway.

    Summary: When you try to publish an application in the same subscription, you get an index out of bounds error.
    Related Case ID: 02220060

    Current Known Issues

    Summary: Currently there is nothing to prevent user doing share-a-copy of an app with a subscription and publish-to-partner the same app.

    TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps, Refresh 58 (November 2023)
    TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps, Refresh 57 (September 2023)
    TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps, Refresh 56 (July 2023) Release
    TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps, Refresh 55 (June 2023) Release
    TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps, Refresh 54 (April 2023) Release

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