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  • TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps Release Notes

    Mrunal Rajendra Sul

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    TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 60 (February 2024)

    Closed Issues

    Summary: The actual deployment status on the partner subscription is not provided when an individual in-progress partner app is published or withdrawn.

    Summary: Protection has been added against sharing a copy of a Live Apps application with a subscription and publishing the same application to the same Partner subscription using the Publish to Partner feature or vice-versa. The second of these actions will fail.

    Summary: In the “Partner subscription applications” tab, only successful deployment records are shown but not the failed or in-progress deployment records.

    Summary: App admin refresh does not update to show the "Partner subscription applications" tab when the first app is published to a child org.

    Summary: Sharing a copy of an app to a partner and publishing the same app from the parent to the partner app causes the publish to fail. 
    Related Case ID: 02230156

    Current Known Issues

    No issues have been reported in this release of TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps.

    TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 59 (December 2023)

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    TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 57 (September 2023)
    TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 56 (July 2023) Release
    TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 55 (June 2023) Release

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