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  • What's New in TIBCO EBX®

    Deepesh Tiwari


    Table of Contents

    TIBCO EBX® 6.0

    All new features in TIBCO EBX® 6.0 are described on this page.

    TIBCO EBX® 6.0 adds highly requested features such as:

    • the ability to handle much higher data volume with less memory usage
    • enhanced search capabilities (new query execution framework, support of SQL queries, ...)
    • the introduction of a scripting framework bringing more flexibility than Java coding
    • an improved user experience applied to domains such as user interface (navigation, customization, ...), configuration (workflow, data matching, data integration, data analytics, data visualization)
    • a broader set of REST services
    • a container edition providing all required components (web server, database, add-ons, other components) as a Docker image (since EBX® 6.0.3)

    TIBCO EBX® 6.1

    All new features in TIBCO EBX® 6.1 are described on this page.

    TIBCO EBX® 6.1 adds new features and improvements such as:

    • the introduction of a side bar and social MDM functionalities (comments on records, tagging, rating)
    • additional visualization modes (tile view, Org chart, ...)
    • an easier access to records metadata
    • a new staging feature allowing to migrate configurations/artifacts between EBX® environments
    • additional Matching & Merging services dedicated to Business Objects
    • new distribution capabilities supporting Business Objects
    • new search functionalities (ability to graphically define more complex search criteria, search on associations)
    • more flexibility with data integration configuration
    • a new visual way to configure dataset permissions
    • enhanced logs configuration
    • Red Hat® OpenShift® support
    • and much more ...

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