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unable to load business works page in TEA 2.2.1 i.e in tea administrator page . Please help

Ajay Vikas

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Unable to load the business works page after logging in to TEA. I get a blank page when i try to click the business works tab in the TEA. I tried the following steps:

1. changed the mode from local to enterprise by running the command :

bwadmin mode enterprise

2. started bwagent

3. registered tea agent in tea

bwadmin registerteaagent http://localhost:8777


NOTE:This port no. is not being used anywhere else in the server. so there is no port conflict.

However i get a blank page when i click business works tab. I am unsure what could have gone wrong

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I am having the same problem.

However, is there any alternative to download theBW 6.3.1 HF1 + TEA 2.2.0 HF5 besideshttps://mft.tibco.comI have downloaded BW 6 from "" and have no option there to get the hotfixes, neither i have an account in

Can someone help

Thank you,

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