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Tibco Clarity Enterprise

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There is a host setting in a configuration file. When you start clarity from windows service, it should be clarity.tra (under /3.1/), by default it is set to:




in this case you will need to use to access. (So this will work:

You can change it to localhost (or the servername for remote access) and reinstall the windows service.

To do this please use the command line to execute these commands from the folder /3.1/:

clarity.exe --uninstall

(this will uninstall the windows service)

clarity.exe --install

(this will recreate the windows service with the proper config. )


Now when you restart clarity from the windows services you will be able to access clarity from the host name as specified.

Note: You can change this to any other network interface as well and then use other interface ip to access.


I hope this will help.Alain Martens

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