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How to check which equipments will be deployed for a BWCE application

Norbert Pocsik

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Hi All,

We are facing with an issue regarding the TIBCO BWCE 2.5.1.

We made a shared module which contains somesubprocesses, resources, service descriptors and schemas. We want to use this library in the projects as a projlib in the BW5 environment. Unfortunately the applications, which usethe mentioned library, need much more resources as normally. It seems to be the deployed applications use all of the equipments from the library instead of usingonly the necessary ones. In the BW5 environment we are able to check in the EAR which equipments will be deployedfromthe projects. How can we do this in the BWCE environment

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards,

Norbert Pcsik

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In BW 6.X you have to use shared modulesandapplication archives are built using shared modules. A BW 6.X application can use a number of shared modules defined as dependancies.


There is no way to include or not a given process when building a BW 6.X archive, but you can split your processes in different shared modules and select the one you want to use.

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