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MFT/FTP interface to Amazon S3

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Update Notice:

TIBCO officially supports AWS S3 and Azure File Store and Block Blob in TIBCO Managed File Transfer. TIBCO BusinessWorks also officially supports AWS S3 viathe TIBCO BusinessWorksplug-in forAmazonS3.

The information below should be used for informational purposes.

I wanted to contribute some projectware for connecting MFT to Amazon S3 using BW6. It is being offered AS-IS with no expressed warranties.

In the attached project, a FTP service layer is implemented in BW6. Under the hood of the FTP service is an intermediate layer which communicates with Amazon S3 through the Java SDK to do things like retrieve the bucket object list and download an object. Fair warning - this project is not complete, nor has it received any scrutiny for worthiness in a production environment, but it makes for a good POC or for learning how to implement a FTP service in BW.


Also included in the project are a few BW process activities that can be run on their own for uploading data to S3 from both a local file or from an inputstream; e.g uploading data from a FilePoller activity or reading data off of a JMS queue, respectively. The Java code contained in the project are based off of samples provided by Amazon.

*The AWS Java SDK jar file must be downloaded separately ( added to the project lib folder.

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