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Group bottom X rows in cross table with multiple columns.

Ryan James 3

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I have a cross table with several calculated columns and multiple rows.

I would like to group the bottom X rows as 'Other' but I can't seem to make it work.

I've managed to create a filter where if it's below X boepd or X $$ that it classifies as other, but I would prefer to dynamically show only the top 8 categories.

How can I do this I've tried dense rank a number of different ways, but it groups them incorrectly.

Thanks in advance for my help.

Here is my column formulas:


WHEN (Sum([Oil (BOPD)]) / Sum([bOEPD]))>=${TypeOilPctOilCutoff} THEN Sum([bOEPD]) * ${TypeOilValue}

WHEN (Sum([Oil (BOPD)]) / Sum([bOEPD]))

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