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Update select Salesforce records using Text File as Source

Kory Howard

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I have a map that is working but runs very long. I believe this is due to a lookup in a loop causing the batch processing to not occur for the Salesforce updates. I have attached a screenshot of the current map for reference.

I'm trying to determine the best way to re-write this map to allow for batch processing. The map currently queries a text file, then for each result fetches the relevent Salesforce account record and updates it with the data contained in the text file. I have tried to create a map that switches this around (first grabbing all relevent Salesforce account records, then fetching or looking up the text file) however it doesn't appear the fetch and lookup blocks fully support text files.

In Salesforce I would do the queries first, then create a map and run the updates in batch, but it doesn't appear there's a way to do something similar in Scribe.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Thank you.

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