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Project flogo json paths

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Hi, I am trying to follow up on the bookstore example as part of the flogo tutorial

The problem here is that the rest api ( different response which breaks the example.

Can some one enlighten me on how the json paths (for example to select the volumeInfo.title) in the return step/activity are supposed to be given the following response message from the API (full response message is included in attached file)


"kind": "books#volumes",

"totalItems": 40,

"items": [


"kind": "books#volume",

"id": "n3vng7gyGCYC",

"etag": "7zot2VjkOEY",

"selfLink": "",

"volumeInfo": {

"title": "Harry Potter",

"publisher": "PediaPress",

"readingModes": {

"text": false,

"image": true




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