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In a workflow (of EBX5) how can I change a node without affecting all other nodes

Dale DeMott

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I am currently working with EBX5. Inside of this tool, I'm creating large workflows. My question is this. How can I change a node without breaking the rest of the workflow There are many nodes that have the same ID throughout the workflow however if I decide to delete a node, it deletes ALL nodes with the same ID throughout the entire workflow. If I decide to remove the link from the above node, it removes all nodes. Here's an example






Now if I want to change what comes after C, all Bs will be removed. If I use Delete an item, it deletes ALL Bs. if I remove the link ALL Bs are removed, and item B ends up being removed from the tree and disconnected at the bottom of the tree. Any help would be appreciated. Either way it seems my workflow ends up looking like this.





This forces me to have to add all the other B items back where they were. How can I remove an item from a single tree branch without removing it from another


Thanks much!!

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