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Its posible to change method agregation in calculated value with property

Martin Campos

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I have this in a bar chart to calculate the sum of revenue for one year in the company



but I want to change the sum() for avg() with some function, its posible with a property or filter I want to do this dinamically, I dont want to change manual.


Its posible



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Thank you!! it works, butI put a property in list box and I assign a property in a drop down list these two expressions:Revenue  - Expresion ( Sum(If([Origen de los datos]="BO",[NET_AFI_REVENUE_PER_ROOM])) as [$ OTB],

Sum([FACT_BUDGET_FORECAST_VIEW].[REVENUE]) as [$ Forecast])I want to choose only one of two custom expresion to kpi chart because send me a message: "multiple continuous expressions are not allowed" Thanks

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