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Result.RecordsMatched=2 - how touse the first record that matched

Henrik Lapinkaira 2

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Hi Henrik,

Aside from the initial query block, you can retrieve/querydatain two different ways:

1 - Using Lookup Block, to retrieve 1 result when Resultmatch =1 . (always only one record in the result, when match =0(meaning no match was found) or match=2(meaning 2 or more matches were found),

Warning:When Resultmatch = 0 or Resultmatch=2 the Lookup Block resultfields are all set to Null Values, if you try to map the Null values you may get errors.

2 - Using a Fetch Block to retrieve match =X results, it will basically loop thru each result and execute any target block you add in the Fetch Loop.

When Fetch has 0 results, all blocks inside the Fetch Loop are skipped.



in order to be selective on which matched records to map, you can add an IF Block in the Fetch Loop and add some criteria to de-duplicate your record or do other data validation before mapping the data to a target system or deciding in skipping a record.


More info on using a Fetch block can be found here:


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