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Manoj Chaurasia

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We're also in the process of creating a POC to evaluate EMS as part of our C++ application.  We're currently running into issues setting up a callback message listener (via tibemsMsgConsumer_SetMsgListener).  It seems like when EMS attempts the callback it throws an access violation exception.  The callback function is public and it's a global function (as SetMsgListener didn't seems to like a member function as an argument).  We do pass a pointer to a class in the closure argument and attempt to reference it in the callback.  Are there any C++ examples out there  The C example isn't of much help when trying to figure out C++ issues like scope, access, etc.
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I have an issue in C trying to create a Lookup context as a prereq to get a connection Factory.    Is LDAP not a valid protocolMy call below:sTatus =tibemsLookupContext_Create( &topicContext, serverUrl, userName, passWord);where serverUrl="ldap://xxxxxx.fedex.com:NNN/ou=messaging,dc=corp,dc=fedex,dc=com"Getting this ERROR: Error creating tibemsLookupContext_Create

    sTatus: 15 , description=Invalid Protocol

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