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How Tibco BW 5.* use JDBC sessions

karol t

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My DB admin asked by why I create a lot of sessions 1.5mln per day.

As i found description about sessions in the internet TIBCO create sessions for each job

is it correct

Why Tibco does not use the same session for couple of the same jobs if Ihave flow Queue receiver -> JDBC Call procedure -> END

TIbco create session for each EMS message

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BusinessWorks JDBC Shared resources uses a connection pool. Pool size is set on the JDBC Shared Resource. Sessions are internally created by the driver. Depending on the number of Shared Resources * no of active connections you will get a number of how many connections are created. You will need to check the driver documentation to figure out how many sessions this would create.

Connections are scaled up upto max connections specified and again scaled down when no longer required(check idletimeout in documentation). Short answer no it will not create one 'connection per job'.

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