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Difference between, Automap , Make a copy of, and, For each on mapping, in tibco bw6

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Make a copy of will be exact copy of the source.This option comes only when the source and target XSD's are same.

In both the Automap/For each cases if the target elements change(not in case) then the mapping has to be done manually.

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that's applicable when mapping inputs. you will need to investigate more in XML/XSD/XPath/XSLT if you're planning to work with TIBCO BW more as the engine is heavily based on XML technologies.

Make copy of, means both source and target schemas are the same, and you are going to make a copy of the source tree to the destination tree.

Consider an activity which produces an output of XSD XYZ with element ABC, and the input of the following activity also uses the same XSD XYZ with element ABC, there you can use make copy of.

Auto-map will try to guess and map the similar elements for you, also will do for-each for repeatable elements ...etc. you will always need to validate the result of auto-map, amend the mappings based on your business logic.


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