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Setting Module Properties Values

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Hello everyone i'm trying to set values for my module properties

but i have some problems:

I have worked with tibco bw in previous versions, and i usually set my connection string (jdbc connector) using global variables, even i have used multiples variables on a database url

(See image 1)


But with new version of business work im using module properties, and i am adding a new jdbc connector, eventually i put many variables on my database url, but im getting an error:

See image 2

I would like if can i use many module properties on a database url which is te best way to do it


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BW5 and BW6 are different in syntax. You cannot directly put a bunch of module properties in the field. You should assign the field to a single module property and that module property can be a concatenation of other module properties that you will set in the Module Properties editor. For example:

prop1 = C:

prop2 = applications

prop3 = %%prop1%%%%prop2%%

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