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What all tibco starters can be placed in LoadBalancing Mode

Subodh Sawant 2

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From what I have gathered

These activities cannot be placed in Load Balancing mode

1. On Startup - will run on both BW engines

2. JMS Topic Subscriber - Message will be delivered to both BW Engines

3. JMS QUEUE if Sequencing Key is set - Sequencing will not work on both BW Engines

Can you please add any activities starters which you think cannot be used as Load Balancing Mode and provide reason why it cannot work in load balancing mode.

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HTTP receiver may not work in LB as both instance can not listen on same port.

Regarding sequencing key in JMS queueu receiver in BW5 ,we can deploy our app in LB but if seqKey1,message1 is getting stucked in instance1 that does not stop processing of seqKey1 ,message2 in instance2 . that issue already been posted bellow link .


But in BW6 I tried some TEST with sequencing key with JMSReceiver and seems it throws error when i select Activation mode as "Multiappnode" but for "singleappnode" is works :)

"Process configuration error. A process configured with Activation option [Multiple AppNodes] cannot contain the ProcessStarter activity [JMSReceiveMessage] enabled with Sequencing option. Ensure to configure the process [TEST.MainProcessReceiver] for Activation option [single AppNode] or disable the Sequencing option in the ProcessStarter activity."

Even i am searching for the Exact reason why sequencing does not work for multiappnode in BW6

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