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What is the difference between server type 'Tomcat' and 'HttpComponent' in HTTP connection palette in terms of blocking thread model

Sharansh Gupta 2

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Hi ,

Which version of TIBCO you are using BW6# or BW5#

As of my knowladge they are just two diffrent web server container where tomcat belongs to Apache project which is open source and HTTP container belongs to TIBCO . In BW5.13 we have faced connection refused issue with "Tomcat" but works well for "HTTP component" i am not pretty much sure about whether TOMCAT works well for different version ofbw5# and in terms of blocking thread but in BW6# it works well for us where you can managed your thread by configuring "thread pool" which is another addon on bw6#.

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You can find the entire explanaition and more details from the BW5 doc, but I copied here the official description of both types, hope it helps:

Tomcat has a synchronous request response paradigm and can be used in scenarios where high throughput is important. To achieve a good throughput with Tomcat, the maxprocessor value should be almost equal to the number of concurrent requests the server can handle. Note that increasing the maxprocessor count also increases the memory footprint.

HTTPComponent is a light-weight and scalable server based on NIO which can be useful in scenarios where handling thousands of requests in a resource efficient manner is more important than the throughput. HTTPComponent server gives a consistent throughput for any number of concurrent requests with little or no increase in its worker thread (maxprocessor thread).



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