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Vertical axis splitin a cross table based on a specific filed valuein one of thecolumns

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Hi, this should be simple, I think... How do you add a vertical axis splitto a cross table based on a specific filed valuein one of thecolumns

I have theunderlying table:

ColA ColB ColC

A1 B1 val1

A1 B2val2

A2 B1 val3

A2 B2val4

A3B1 val1



On which I make a cross table:

Horizontal axis = [Col B]


B1 B2


A1 val1 val2


A3val1 val5


Vertical Axis = [ColA]

Values = UniqueConcatenate[Col C]


I'd like to further split the vertical axis by colB but only for specific colB fileds, e.g.[colB] = B1, i.e. ignoring any other Bs.

Is something like that possible

Many thanks

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