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Minimizing bandwidth on multiple brokers

James D

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Hi All

My experience with setting up Tibco infrastructure is minimal, so please excuse any misuse of terminology, and correct me where wrong.

I am a developer in an organization where I don't have access to how the backend is setup for Tibco. However we have bandwidth issues between our regional centers, which I believe is due to how it's setup.

We have a producer that sends a message to multiple "regional" brokers. However these won't always have a client who needs to subscribe to the information.


I have 3quesionts around this:

For destination bridges:

1) Isa bridge what would normally be used, to have a producer send the *same* message to multiple brokers/destinations or is there something else

2) It's not clear in the documentation, if a bridge exists to a destination where there is no client consuming a message, does the messagestill get sent to that destination Ie, will this consume bandwidth even with no client wanting it

3) If the above is true (and messages are only sent to destinations with a consumer), does this apply to both Topics and Message Selectors

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