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External command not working after deployment


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I am using azcopy command to get files from Azure to my local repository, this is the request:

azcopy.exe copy{azure_workspace_id}sv=2019-07-07&sr=c&sig=2F25kWsUpe4U%2FS6pTxOGrbwi1EkfFkdvHGgxHCkEIN0%3D&se=2021-04-28T14%3A20%3A17Z&sp=rl D:EAIworkspacetibcotempfrancerhazure --recursive --include-pattern *tibco*.csv --include-after 2021-04-26T16:20:17.396+02:00

It's working fine when I am testing on the server but not after deployong it with Tibco Administrator and this is the error returned:

2021/04/28 09:35:14 ==> REQUEST/RESPONSE (Try=1/2.2411262s, OpTime=2.2411262s) -- REQUEST ERROR


User-Agent: [AzCopy/10.9.0 Azure-Storage/0.13 (go1.15; Windows_NT)]

X-Ms-Client-Request-Id: [988744d1-02bb-4355-5ea1-bf16a2bdb278]

X-Ms-Version: [2019-12-12]



->, /home/vsts/go/pkg/mod/!azure/azure-pipeline-go@v0.2.3/pipeline/error.go:157

HTTP request failed

Head "": unexpected EOF

Do you have any idea about the reason behind this problem

Thank you!


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Hi Amina


I'm not an expert on azcopy and it's hard to tell without seeing the code. A couple of suggestions, though:


If you try this at design time using BW/Designer, does the formatted request in the external command look exactly the same as what you tested on the server or are there additional characters, escaped characters etc. Have you tried the "Remove Parameter Quotes" option described at

When you deploy the component using TIBCO Administrator, what user is it running under Is this the same as the user you've tested it with on the server





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Hi Richard,

Thank you for your return.

Yes the command is exacttally the same when I tested it using designer and after deployment with Tibco administrator, the diffrence is in the user because when I am testing in the designer I am running it with my user but Tibco admin is running using another user, both users are admin on the machine.

I don't know if it's problem of permission and even so I don't understand why I am getting this error:

Head "": unexpected EOF

Thank you.


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