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Trap for #NULL! Value

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I have tried just about every function to solve this same problem. ISBLANK, ISERROR, ISEMPTY, =#NULL

The only function that works for me is " ISNONTEXT" .

I use it in an IF statement


If you find a better one let me konw.

Posted by Wendell D. on May 12 2009 5:53PM { U351 , C1464 }

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ISERROR is the best way. It will return TRUE if it is #NULL! and FALSE if its not. So it would look like

IF(ISERROR(S22), S1, S22& S23)

That will check is S22 is #NULL! and if it is, use S1. If its not, it will concatenate S22 and S23...

Posted by Brendan P. on May 12 2009 6:48PM { U40 , C1465 }

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Hi there,

I am having the same problem as Wendell D:

I have tried to catch if a source field = " #NULL!" , and I have tried using the ISERROR formula, and it is NOT catching the #NULL! value.

I am trying to catch if a source Date field doesn't contain a value, and to use a new Date if there is no value in the field, but whatever I try (all of the above suggestions) the software does not properly parse the #NULL! value... (I have even tried the ISDATE function - this doesn't work either)

Do you know if there is a bug with SCRIBE Insight version

Posted by James H. on Sep 21 2015 8:56AM { U5150 , C12299 }

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Important clarification, use IF(ISERROR(S##) as the first statement instead of the last.

This worked:

IF(ISERROR(S1), "Brown", IF(S1="W","White", IF(S1="G","Green","Blue")))

This did not worked:

IF(S1="W","White", IF(S1="G","Green",IF(ISERROR(S1), "Brown","Blue")))

Scribe seems to be unable to evaluate the value against alitteral value when it's looking at an error value.

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