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Dynamics 365 - Dynamic Marketing lists

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I have an question with Dynamic Marketing list in dynamics 365. I need to synchronize members of3 marketing list (dynamics) with other database.

I need to create 3 flows with fetch XML (with query field of entity list) in Native query block Or can i make 1 flow with a loop

With 3 flows, the problem is that if my customer changes the request in dynamics, it will be necessary to modify the flow in tibco manually. I try to make a dynamic flow.

Thank you,


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Hi Florian,


I think you can create 1 single flow.

Instead of using fetchXML you can use a regular query block.

Within the query block you look for the marketing list entity (in the filter criteria specify the 3 lists you need) and add a relationship to the members.

In your flow you can use the for Each child block, which contains the members of a list that you can process.


Can you exmpain if the customer changes the request




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